Helen and Margarets Blog

I have heard a lot lately about Helen and Margarets Blog so I paid them a visit, here is what I found. First, about the superstar Helen. She is wonderfully colorful and highly opinioned and fun to read. She has a good style and a biting sense of humor “bless your heart.” She operates on the “common sense” ticket but leans strongly to the left. She has the wisdom and courage of the years she has lived. She is kinda like a Jonathan Winters character with a computer. She attracts many bloggers from a wide global audience. It is my impression that her audience is heavily female. I confess I haven’t read back very far in her writings so my impressions are not substantially documented.

The blogging audience is interesting. I found some bloggers who can actually engage in civil discussions without resorting to name calling and dismissive rants. One actually echoed some of my own thoughts which are that the MSM should pick up more on blogging as it allows for the spread of information (and misinformation) without the filters of a reporters bias. There are very few unbiased reporters that I can find. I did find one attempt though in today’s Yahoo Buzz that attempts to take the spin off of last nights infomercial and I include it now.


But back to Helen. Her blog header shows a pic of 2 senior ladies riding on their mobile devices on what appears to be a ship deck. And she says she is 80 something years old. The one missing ingredient in any blog is that we seldom know for sure who is at the other end. Just because someone posts a pic does mean they are the one actually typing the words. I believe her to be exactly who she says she is but I don’t positively absolutely know for sure. So if anybody out there knows her personally it would be nice to know for sure that we are all not being duped.


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