Dick Cheneys Speech

Dick Cheney gave a speech yesterday to the American Enterprise Institute think tank in Washington DC. I have attached the link.




I would like to think that open minded citizens would read it and consider its content as it relates to the current danger to the US from terrorists.


Cheney cautions the American People to remember that whatever we wish to call the war on terror and its villainous perpetrators……….it ain’t over.


He further challenges the incoming administration to quit playing politics with America’s safety. He makes compelling points about revealing not just half truths from the CIA’s methodology but reveal the entire story (now that the half story is in the terrorists training manuals); Let America judge for itself instead of carefully orchestrating the release of information through “terror memos” to present an almost criminal intent mindset of the previous administration. He points out that the interrogation worked and that supporting information is being kept classified for political gain, and that such behavior will ultimately enable terrorism.


 “It’s hard to imagine a worse precedent filled with more possibilities for trouble and abuse than to have an incoming administration criminalize the policy decisions of its predecessor.”


President Obama’s remarks yesterday reiterated the mantra that water boarding and enhanced interrogation are recruitment tools for Al Qaida , but there is not one shred of proof to that assertion just rhetoric.  


I found Cheney’s remarks compelling and hope that logic and patriotism will compel those on the left to analyze and reflect on his words.


5 Responses

  1. Patriotism and logic compel us to expose Cheney for the fraud and monster that he is. How can you trust a man that syas Obama made the country less safe by releasing the torture memos and is now clamoring for memos to support his claims be declassified and released?

    I think you mentioned somewhere today about having it both ways?

  2. The terror memos were released by court order. The photos are supposed to be released by court order, but Obama is fighting that. Cheney is not in a position to command the release of other memos, and his insistence that they be released is interesting considering that he and his cronies took such pains to hide them and the interrogation techniques in the first place. Even if these memos were released, it would never solve the question of whether the same information could have been obtained by other means. And what sort of “proof” (there you go again) do you require that the Al Queda uses the memos and photos, etc. as recruiting tools. They use them in their training videos, I heard. But beyond that, would it not be self-evident?

  3. But beyond that, would it not be self-evident?


  4. Where in the heck are you? Your Tallahassee friends are getting worried about you!

  5. Do not worry Grasshopper, I am with my grandson and he wears me out. Little opportunity for computer this last week. BRB:)

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