Judicial Activism?

Today the SCOTUS ruled 5-4 that the New Haven White firefighters were discriminated against by being denied promotions based on valid test results.

Justice Kennedy writes for the majority,

“The 5-4 decision clarifies the federal job-discrimination laws for employers, both private and public, and it says that the primary goal of the Civil Rights Act is to remove race as a factor in hiring and promotions.”


So that’s the ruling, and I happen to agree with it. It supports the Civil Rights Act.

I driving down the road listening to NPR break the news. They immediately follow it up with a Subject Matter Expert (SME) who says “it’s the worst example of judicial activism that he has ever seen.”  Ya know it really doesn’t matter if this guy was Mahatma Gandhi or Ellwood P Suggs, it is clearly biased commentary.

NPR states on their WEB Page that as a public service they are ethically bound to be unbiased.

 “Unbiased” means that we separate our personal opinions – such as an individual’s religious beliefs or political ideology – from the subjects we are covering. We do not approach any coverage with overt or hidden agendas.”

Know what? They are liars. They could have selected from hundreds of SME’s to comment on this ruling and the one they selected came on with both guns blazing just hours after it was announced. Just happened to be available too, nice and coincidental like.

This is a blinding example of what feeds the growing hostility between conservatives and liberals. PBS hides behind other people’s skirts to attack and discredit just like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, et all….they are just more deceptive and duplicitous about it. At least the right talk radio is straight up about what they are saying and don’t pretend to be unbiased. Liberals ridicule the talk right and giggle at the clever lies NPR spins under the banner of “responsible journalism.”


Super Obama

First he gave us the tire gauge, next he became President, now it’s …………up in the sky is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s SuperObama


America Rocks

Looking at the situation in Iran today, gives one time to reflect on the difference between America’s culture of freedom and celebration and Iran’s culture of oppression. It is perhaps more compelling in 2009 than in other years. Thinking back to our Presidential election and the subsequent peaceful, dignified and celebratory transfer of power from one polarized party to another…….it is truly astounding to look at the difference. They have riots in the streets and deaths; we have public debates and forums. Despite the ever present name calling and labeling, despite the anger and insults we are yet a celebratory culture.


It is a reflection of our history; a history of multi-cultural celebrations of life. Despite many painful and errant missteps and human tragedies our culture remains one of optimism and celebration.


Nothing is more reflective of that than our music. America’s music is the single most unique cultural contribution to the world that we have to give. It absolutely epitomizes who we are. A nation of immigrants, a hodge-podge  of ethnicities that blended together has produced an evolving anthem to the world. Combining Hymns, field shouts, frontier (country) and urban (ragtime) to produce syncopation through blues and jazz we have changed the world. We are a nation of improvisation as well as structure. Not just in politics, law, business, sports, technology, but culturally too. Our music sweeps the world in celebration.


America Rocks!


 Wow what a weekend it was in October 1965 in Tuscaloosa Alabama. I hithchiked to Birmingham on Thursday and spent 2 nights in an apartment with 3 nursing students. This was actually before I was married (seems long ago and far away now ..was I ever really not married?). So there was that. But I also went to the University of Alabama homecoming celebration on the Tuscaloosa Campus. There I met and listened to Geroge Wallace speak. Being young and liberal I was pretty sure I didn’t like him but in listening to him I have to admit he was charasmatic. Then on to the homecoming party which featured a rising new Alabama singer named Arthur Alexander and he sang You better Move On , which the Stones also recorded.

It was a sign of the times to hear Wallace and Alexander on the Alabama Campus on the same night.

Next Day was the FSU Alabama football game. The Tide rolled us 21-0 but it took them all 4 quaters and a fake 2 point conversion by Kenny “the snake “Stabler  to get er done.

I was always a fan of Alexanders after that night. I do believe I took a nurse to see Mary Poppins that night too.

It was a smart move! ::))




Gods Messenger?

Jeremiah Wright is a scary guy. He appears to be a bigot at best; certainly he isn’t afraid of saying stupid things. Perhaps he has developed the clap or something else is taking his mind away. I can not understand why anyone would have attended his sermons of gods word if he had spoken this way all along. His remarks this week reveal a seeming hatred of the Jewish people. He deflects the reality of his liabilities and tries to blame his banishment on others. Tail gunner Joe had a similar style except he hated communists as well as Jews. He cloaked his insanity with the American Flag where Wright just Godamns it.