Gods Messenger?

Jeremiah Wright is a scary guy. He appears to be a bigot at best; certainly he isn’t afraid of saying stupid things. Perhaps he has developed the clap or something else is taking his mind away. I can not understand why anyone would have attended his sermons of gods word if he had spoken this way all along. His remarks this week reveal a seeming hatred of the Jewish people. He deflects the reality of his liabilities and tries to blame his banishment on others. Tail gunner Joe had a similar style except he hated communists as well as Jews. He cloaked his insanity with the American Flag where Wright just Godamns it.





8 Responses

  1. Good grief! This guy needs to hire a personal censor to go around with him and bleep out half of what he says. I’m guessing that when he says “Jews”, he means Rahm Emmanuel…who is probably under strict orders not to let Wright anywhere near the President.

  2. Wackos come in all varieties. I can understand black wackos…it”s often a reaction to the racism they experienced growing up. But white wackos….? What’s their excuse?

  3. FN Its my impression that Wright is refering to Israel and all Jews and is more sympathetic to their removal from the mideast. Perhaps its a religious competition i.e. my gods better than your god thing.


    “Wackos come in all varieties. I can understand black wackos…it’’s often a reaction to the racism they experienced growing up”

    Not sure what you mean. Do you intend to say that different skin has different standards of accountability for their actions and words? If that is the case then we truly would need to throw away the rule of law that occupies so much of our recent conversations.

  4. > different standards of accountability

    I was referring to “causality”..why they become wackos. Not accountability. You are always accountable.

  5. pt, I was only saying that when Wright says “Jews” are keeping him from talking to Obama, that he specifically meant Emmanuel. It is of course possible that he subscribes to that more general Jew-hating, Jews-rule-the-world sort of conspiracy theory. But I don’t know.
    As for Israel, you probably don’t want to know how I feel about that. Or actually, you probably already do know. I think Israel as a country has turned itself into the people they hate.

  6. No matter what anyone thinks Israel is not going away. May prove to be an interesting week.

  7. It was certainly an interesting speech yesterday but one I was completely expecting. Israel made demands that it knew would be rejected by the time he finished his speech.

    I still have a problem with white European Jews usurping Palestine. And I will never buy into that God’s chosen people shit or that they were promised a piece of land. If I had written the Pentateuch I would have made mixed raced people the chosen ones and promised them the Upper West Side.

    I am not naive enough to believe that there will be equitable negotiations but let’s play with all 52 cards in the deck.

  8. Oh, btw, please go away Pastor Wright!

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