Wow what a weekend it was in October 1965 in Tuscaloosa Alabama. I hithchiked to Birmingham on Thursday and spent 2 nights in an apartment with 3 nursing students. This was actually before I was married (seems long ago and far away now ..was I ever really not married?). So there was that. But I also went to the University of Alabama homecoming celebration on the Tuscaloosa Campus. There I met and listened to Geroge Wallace speak. Being young and liberal I was pretty sure I didn’t like him but in listening to him I have to admit he was charasmatic. Then on to the homecoming party which featured a rising new Alabama singer named Arthur Alexander and he sang You better Move On , which the Stones also recorded.

It was a sign of the times to hear Wallace and Alexander on the Alabama Campus on the same night.

Next Day was the FSU Alabama football game. The Tide rolled us 21-0 but it took them all 4 quaters and a fake 2 point conversion by Kenny “the snake “Stabler  to get er done.

I was always a fan of Alexanders after that night. I do believe I took a nurse to see Mary Poppins that night too.

It was a smart move! ::))



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  1. In their early days, the Stones did a lot of R&B titles that others had written / performed. I think their version of this song is one of their overlooked gems.

  2. Here’s the Stones’ version:

  3. Yup the Beatles also recorded it as well as Anna which was his too.

    But I wasn’t focused on the Stones or Beatles that week end, I was focsed on the pleasures offered in the deep south. “Livin Large. “

  4. You’re a bad ass ptfan1, or at least you used to be back in the day. I would have taken a road trip with you. Was the homecoming party on campus? I didn’t think blacks could step onto that campus until 1979. 🙂

  5. “Was the homecoming party on campus? I didn’t think blacks could step onto that campus until 1979. ”

    Well you made me think hard and the honest answer is that I can’t remember for sure exactly where the dance was. I remember thinking it was kinda cool that he was there but it could well have been an off campus site. It was a very cool week end and I can remember much……….::))

    I don’t think Alabama would have been ready for the EE and PT road trip in 1965. We would have ended up in trouble with somebody for sure. That was my get drunk and howl at the moon period. And from what you have said I suspect you would have fit right into that scene.

  6. no doubt, to this day i have no desire to go anywhere near bama or mississippi,,,,

  7. Look at this: all the bad boys, together on one blog 🙂 As always, I’m late to the party.
    I went to some frat party at Bama in 1967, why, I can’t remember. I guess the U. of Memphis must have been playing them and the Bama chapters and the U of M chapters must have had a joint party. I was with my fratboy boyfriend Bob from the U of M. I can still remember the photo, though I doubt I still have it. Him looking all tall and handsome and smiling and smug. Me: skinny, in a little black dress with a corsage, not smiling and looking all out of place. Must have been an omen. By 1968, I was major anti-frat, because I found out that the boyfriend’s frat had a tradition of Friday dates vs. Saturday dates. Fri. was “slut night”. Sat. was girlfriend night. I was the Sat. girl, but I was still pissed on principle.

  8. My BF always claimed that he didn’t participate in slut night. Right.

  9. Yes Fakename, now excuse me while I go walk my Unicorn.

  10. Exactly ee! I said to him, “Funny, if that’s true, why don’t you ever ask me out on Fridays? I’m guessing you’re BUSY!”

  11. So FN you are looking for a Friday night?

  12. Oooohhhh pt. I’m sure you know how wide open you left yourself here for a comment such as “Are you asking?” But I know that isn’t the case lol. I’ll say only that I was 18 at this time. As I matured, I’ve tried to perfect being a combination Saturday night/Friday night kind of girl 🙂

  13. Can I see you on a Friday night and pretend that it is Saturday?

  14. Look here….two of the bad boys have been heard from. We only have to wait for Anarchist’s comment to make it a triple play.
    But in answer to your question ee, Nope lol. In order to get the Friday night girl, I have to be the Saturday night girl first. I hope that clears it up for everyone 🙂

  15. So being the Saturday night girl means that I will have to wait for three years of dating before I can get to second base?

  16. Oh hell no, ee. Who has 3 years to waste? “Saturday night” is more like a state of mind.

  17. you are too bad for me fn, what am i going to do with you?

  18. It’s possible to be too bad for you?

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