Health Insurance Reform: A Rush to Judgment

The rise of health insurance is largely a twentieth century development and much of that has occurred after WW II. So it’s a relatively new phenomenon. We don’t have a long track record of its success or failure as compared to the issues framed in our bill of rights. Everyone is entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I missed the part where it says health care is a right and should be provided by government. And btw what’s the frigging hurry to get this done overnight all of a sudden?


US Census numbers show that roughly 84% of U S Citizens have health care of some combination of private and public origin. So 16% may fall into the category of being uninsured for health coverage. So if I understand those numbers correctly we are going to reform health care because of the need of 16% of our population. Will those 16% all have life threatening emergences’ next year?


We are talking about setting in motion competing public and private providers with the tax payers ultimately picking up the tab. All kinds of pabulum are being peddled to cover up the facts. Here is what I am hearing


  1. You can keep the coverage that you have.
  2. It will cost less than you already spend.
  3. We are already paying for the uninsured through emergency care costs passed on to the consumers.
  4. Reform provides a free market approach.
  5. SMB’s will still have a choice in offering private versus public options to employees.


Honestly none of those statements can be proven and quite possibly none of them are true.


  1. You can keep it as long as it’s offered; no one has a clue what the dynamics of reform will have on the current providers who may well find reason to alter their existing coverage’s due to changing business conditions. Many of us have worked all our lives to achieve what we currently have and do not want any change whatsoever. Those voices are being trampled by the mob for change.  
  2. Same answer…….if you change the tax plan to finance health care for the uninsured it will cost the tax payer more money on top of what we currently are paying.
  3. Actually some hospitals show that profit can still be made while providing indigent care, it just takes great management.
  4. A free market is not one that is run and controlled by government (who is printing new money by the trainload).
  5. Duh! They will opt for the option they pay taxes on in a heart beat.


Obama is rushing headlong with the Country’s health and well being at risk on this issue and it is totally unnecessary for the vast majority of the population. It is absurdly political! All for 16% of the electorate. It is terribly short sighted and irresponsible and in the long run may cost Democrats the votes they are so desperate to pick up in the midterm elections and beyond.


Pinocchio II

Once again the democrats demonstrate absurdity in their political “catfighting” (and I mean that in the MOST defamatory way possible). They broke a big whooptedo story that the CIA lied to the Congress and that Cheney violated the law in ordering the CIA’s program covered up. Well folks here it is on the front page of the by god New York Times. 


Bush & Chenny wanted to kill Al Qaeda leaders anyway they could and the CIA kept trying to figure out a way to do that. For 8 years. OMG…………….

OK Eric Holder go get em boy. Let’s see ya prosecute that.

 Wink wink

Mickey Blue Eyes

I was watching this movie last night . The movie was ok and then this one scene came on and I cracked up, so just thought I would share it. It is the best scene in the movie. The other notable is how many of this 1999 cast went on to play in The Supranos


I was searching for “my little town” and “homeward bound” to kick off my visit this coming week but alas I didn’t particularly like any of the versions I ran across. So here ya go with a good version of a traveling song. What is that little white dude doing in Africa ahead of the ONE? Could it be that cultural exchanges have existed for some time already?

Anyway I will be out of touch with the blogosphere for a while and wish for all,  good blogging.

163 Years Ago

Today at approximately 3 pm marks the 163 anniversary of the final battle at Gettysburg….Pickets Charge. As with so many battles, it is a battle that should never have been fought, and many of those on the field knew it, but fought anyway. The passion of freedom to self govern overpowered all other emotions and human needs in these men. Although no war can be said to be noble and there is no glory in mass killing, still I honor the memory of the sacrifice both sides made. Some say it was the defining moment in America’s history. I agree.



“White House spokesman Robert Gibbs and the Obama administration found the press corps slightly less friendly than they are used to yesterday, when CBS’s Chip Reid asked why the questions for Wednesday’s town hall on healthcare were being selected beforehand.


Gibbs tried to dodge the issue, and asked for it to be asked after the town hall meeting in question, but then Helen Thomas became involved, saying, “We have never had that in the White House. I’m amazed that you people … call for openness and transparency.” (Kenneth D Williams)

Hmmmmmmmm seems the honeymoon is over