Pinocchio II

Once again the democrats demonstrate absurdity in their political “catfighting” (and I mean that in the MOST defamatory way possible). They broke a big whooptedo story that the CIA lied to the Congress and that Cheney violated the law in ordering the CIA’s program covered up. Well folks here it is on the front page of the by god New York Times. 


Bush & Chenny wanted to kill Al Qaeda leaders anyway they could and the CIA kept trying to figure out a way to do that. For 8 years. OMG…………….

OK Eric Holder go get em boy. Let’s see ya prosecute that.

 Wink wink


3 Responses

  1. The plan sounds like a good one to me. That isn’t really the issue, though, is it? It’s lying to Congress…and then lying about how you never lie. I can’t imagine that if Congress had been informed that anyone would have been opposed at the time. On one hand you can see the reason for the CIA’s reluctance–it’s pretty hard to kill someone by committee. On the other hand, the CIA needs oversight. They do not run the country. And the assassination attempt on Castro…see how well that went. And how much it helped us in the long run. They needn’t get all self-righteous and claim they never lie, in order for POLITICAL REASONS to discredit the Speaker of the House.

  2. And the assassination attempt on Castro…see how well that went

    mmmmmmm as you said to me several months ago, don’t throw out decades old information about the CIA, it is no longer relevant.

    And you are correct the CIA doesn’t need to frett about discrediting the Speaker, she is perfectly capable of doing that herself without help from anyone.

  3. I said that? Dang! I do so hate it when my own words come back to haunt me. You’ll be interested to know that I have a whole new take on this flap. Stay tuned.

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