Health Insurance Reform: A Rush to Judgment

The rise of health insurance is largely a twentieth century development and much of that has occurred after WW II. So it’s a relatively new phenomenon. We don’t have a long track record of its success or failure as compared to the issues framed in our bill of rights. Everyone is entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I missed the part where it says health care is a right and should be provided by government. And btw what’s the frigging hurry to get this done overnight all of a sudden?


US Census numbers show that roughly 84% of U S Citizens have health care of some combination of private and public origin. So 16% may fall into the category of being uninsured for health coverage. So if I understand those numbers correctly we are going to reform health care because of the need of 16% of our population. Will those 16% all have life threatening emergences’ next year?


We are talking about setting in motion competing public and private providers with the tax payers ultimately picking up the tab. All kinds of pabulum are being peddled to cover up the facts. Here is what I am hearing


  1. You can keep the coverage that you have.
  2. It will cost less than you already spend.
  3. We are already paying for the uninsured through emergency care costs passed on to the consumers.
  4. Reform provides a free market approach.
  5. SMB’s will still have a choice in offering private versus public options to employees.


Honestly none of those statements can be proven and quite possibly none of them are true.


  1. You can keep it as long as it’s offered; no one has a clue what the dynamics of reform will have on the current providers who may well find reason to alter their existing coverage’s due to changing business conditions. Many of us have worked all our lives to achieve what we currently have and do not want any change whatsoever. Those voices are being trampled by the mob for change.  
  2. Same answer…….if you change the tax plan to finance health care for the uninsured it will cost the tax payer more money on top of what we currently are paying.
  3. Actually some hospitals show that profit can still be made while providing indigent care, it just takes great management.
  4. A free market is not one that is run and controlled by government (who is printing new money by the trainload).
  5. Duh! They will opt for the option they pay taxes on in a heart beat.


Obama is rushing headlong with the Country’s health and well being at risk on this issue and it is totally unnecessary for the vast majority of the population. It is absurdly political! All for 16% of the electorate. It is terribly short sighted and irresponsible and in the long run may cost Democrats the votes they are so desperate to pick up in the midterm elections and beyond.


11 Responses

  1. > In the long run may cost Democrats the votes they are so
    > desperate to pick up in the midterm elections and beyond.

    I didn’t realize the Dems are in this position; seems to me it is the GOP desperate to remain a viable party. When you look at how Obama took the “youth” vote and sliced up so many other segments of the GOP’s “base’ (and I don’t mean hardcore Repubs), there is reason to believe that it will be the GOP that will be in the political wilderness for a long, long time.

    As for “socialized” medicine, when we end Medicare and end VA benefits, then and only then can we stop pretending we don’t already have socialized medicine for a huge segment of the population. A segment that I’m sure is a large chunk of that 84% you say already has coverage. Take them out and I wonder what the coverage is.

  2. ” didn’t realize the Dems are in this position; seems to me it is the GOP desperate to remain a viable party”

    An open minded assessment of the political capital that Obama is investing in needlessly rushing through health care legislation indicates political ambition of the greatest magnitude. Republicans are shooting themselves in the foot everyday, it is not really necessary to go for the throat with healthcare but it is the reality of Obama’s administration. IMHO it appears the ultimate hubris.

    Thanks for bringing up Medicare.

    The current Medicare program is so full of fraud and corruption that it is the perfect reason NOT to make it bigger, saying “we already have a bad plan let’s make it bigger” is the height of folly.

    The government can not effectively run healthcare. No matter what it is called.

  3. Remember, I’m an anarchist…. 😉 I don’t support anything government does! (But I’ll take anything I can weasel from government in the interim.)

    For debate’s sake, fraud is everywhere there is big money. Auto insurance, Wall street, and the rest of private sector is just as full of fraud. But I think you’d have auto insurance even if it were not mandatory.

    So I do not think fraud is an issue. If it were, we’d have to end all military procurement, which is head-to-head with Medicare for fraud.

    Once I own my home free and clear by the end of next year, I will drop hurricane coverage. They won’t pay anyway and if I get whacked, I will have no compunction accepting FEMA aid since I’m uninsured and they do cover what insurance doesn’t. LOL! The way I see it, that’d be the first return on my tax dollars in the 39 years I’ve paid federal taxes.

  4. I have been studying on this concept of anarchy. It’s kinda neat, how it works and all. Nearest I can understand, it is kind of like religion. One can not prove or disprove it as no State of Anarchy exists in the real world, kind of like heaven, one can believe in it and no one can disprove it. So striving for “Anarchy eligibility” kinda absolves one from having to conform to temporal norms constructed by society to secure safety and self rule. One can easily take from the silly government that protects its population without any moral or legal obligation to support that government. In fact many anarchists throughout history have been persecuted by the government they have tried to overthrow, much like religious heretics.

    My problem with it is that I am not able to believe in something I can not see and that can not be proven through some working model. I do not believe in heaven, god or absolution from my actions……. which makes how I actually interact with humanity all the more important, whereas an Anarchist seems not bound by accountability or societal responsibility.

    Religion recognizes that sin exists all around us……..kinda like fraud exists all around us. Religion has its own various ways to deal with sin so I suppose it’s only natural that Anarchists recognize that fraud is everywhere and is normal so one should not factor it into consequences. Again it is where I depart from being able to support anarchy. I believe fraud should be ferreted out and prosecuted and that proposed legislation should not include fraud acceptance, it’s not OK just because everybody does it. Of course we will never know if fraud would occur in the State of Anarchy.

    Some of us believe that a strong military and law enforcement is a substantial ROI for Federal Taxes. I also place some value on Interstate Highways.

    Just keep on paying those taxes boy, my wife and I are counting on your bucks.
    And living in a FEMA trailer really isn’t as bad as the whiners in Louisiana make out. Perhaps you will be fortunate and receive a doublewide

  5. > My problem with it is that I am not able to believe in
    > something I can not see and that can not be proven
    > through some working model.

    PT….I am amazed at that statement!

    So you’re saying that before the Wright Brothers flew (and maybe even after then), you could not believe that one day a human would step on the moon? If all I could imagine was the confines of this dreary world, I’d be a very depressed person.

    I refuse to let the world as it is today form my opinion of what may be. I am confident of a world where disease is virtually eliminated, there is plenty, etc. Not in my lifetime, of course, but it is coming.

    The pace of technology and discovery is so geometrically amazing that I can’t fathom what may be in 100 years, let alone 500. (Star Trek is not science fiction; it is all coming.)

    I regret I won’t be around to see the world as it is in 500 years…

    Oh, and since I’m not a tea person, would you clarify what is meant by multiple infusions? Do you mean using some leaves for first infusion, then new leaves for second, etc.?

  6. “Not in my lifetime, of course, but it is coming.”

    We of course live in the world of today… insurance “reform” whatever the fuck that is, is for today not 500 years from now. I speak of working government not technology of the future. Perhaps you would like to blog about what impact being an anarchist has on todays healthcare issues.

    I have helped my kids understand the principles of our Republic. I hope their children will perpetuate the same message. Many of us simple minded patriots feel that way. Working inside the system can be frustrating indeed but I see nothing of substance in anarchy, just talk.

    Multiple infusions means reusing the same leaves. I will get from 8 to twelve cups out of 2 oz’s of raw tea.

  7. > Perhaps you would like to blog about what impact being an > anarchist has on todays healthcare issues.

    That would be a very short blog indeed!

    As for multiple infusions, are you using those leaves again only for that one cup? Or are you saying that they’re good over many days?

  8. Damn, I’m really sorry I’ve come so late to this debate. I can’t get real exercised over the details of health care reform, because we don’t know what they are. I do suspect that it will ultimately result in higher taxes. But that’s OK with me. I’d rather help pay for health care than for an F-22 plane. I am, however, almost amused by the dire warnings issued by the Republicans, especially when it concerns comparisons to other countries. In Canada…it works. Health care rationing? Get a grip! We already have that.

  9. “especially when it concerns comparisons to other countries. In Canada…it works”

    Really? Try this one on for size, take your best shot.–Copy-Canada-s-health-care?-Not-so-fast-

  10. I read this article when it first came out, and I don’t believe her experience is universal in Canada. Her tale is anecdotal. And so is mine. I have a good friend in Canada, and I know of her experiences and that of her family and friends. For routine medical care, she has to wait, I would guess, around two months. Well, so do I. A good friend of her stepson (college-age)–both of them fit and active hockey players– had a problem and was seen immediately. It turned out to be testicular cancer, and he received surgery and all the necessary treatment at no cost to him. That’s only one example. I’ll give you an alternative article to read:
    I was especially interested in the “what will it do for me if I already have insurance” part, and “what happens if I lose my job or am no longer able to continue working?” In the 8 1/2 years I’ve been working for my present employer, my premiums have more than doubled. I see this as something of a statistical problem. The addition of millions more people to the pool will reduce the risk. That’s why there also needs to be a mandate. When you describe it as a Democrat/Obama-driven issue, you ignore the polls that say 70% or more of Americans believe reform is necessary. What form it takes and how much it helps is yet to be seen, but something must be done. I personally believe that’s why Obama remains popular (although I note his popularity is slipping somewhat), because he is willing to try SOMETHING.

  11. Everybody needs to watch Michael Moore’s movie/documentary “Sicko.” The Insurance/Pharma companies spend over a one million dollars a day trying to scare the hell out of you. I’ll have more on this later,

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