Conservatism In America

Several of my wordpress friends profess they do not understand the conservative mind. Perhaps it is simply that they do not wish to. Perhaps it is becuase they brand conservatives into one demonic image and close their minds to individual reasoning just following the group speak of the day.

Whatever the reason, conservatism in America comes in all shapes and sizes as we see from this dudes message. I am not familiar with his personal history, he speaks from the experience of being an American who seems to love his country which is always refreshing for me.


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  1. His dissing of Libertarianism is completely illogical and he’d be blown away in any debate on the topic.

    Because under a Libertarian government there’d be no support for hospitals, etc that he says the drug addicts and prostitutes would need. They’d just die off.

    He says he recognizes freedom to fail but yet he appears to want the government to restrict the ways you can fail. I reject the idea that government has some greater wisdom not available to the individual.

    Especially today, government is little more than what’s popular based on the votes of uninformed masses. One day, support for Iraq invasion is what…over 90%, excluding unreconstructed ‘Nam-era radicals like me? Then, when no WMDs are found and things drag out, support drops to what…less than 25%?

    What a bunch of flip-flopping, unprincipled sorry dogs! I have more respect for those who supported Iraq invasion then and still do, than those who use 20-20 hindsight to decide. Either it was right or it was not, and what the result was is irrelevant to that. Now whether it was right or not, regardless of result, is properly debatable.

    I doubt much of the public believes that our elected officials at any level are there to “serve the public” rather than themselves. But for me, the increasing distrust by the public of government at all levels is a good thing.

    OK, that’s the anarchist rant for the month! It does no good anyway… 😉

    But here’s something literally of value:

    Go to and find a participating restaurant you like in Tampa Bay. Then, when paying for the voucher, enter promo code “portion” in the appropriate part of the screen to receive 80%. So, a $25 voucher that costs $10 will be only $2! But ’em up! Vouchers good for oine year from purchase. Unfortunately for me, the only palce here I like that participates is Ted’s Montana Grill and they’re “sold out” for the month. (There must be limited vouchers for each restaurant, kinda like capacity control on free airline tickets using miles awards.)


  2. “His dissing of Libertarianism is completely illogical and he’d be blown away in any debate on the topic. ”

    The problem I have with Libertarianism is what I said before it is a zero sum philosophy. If everyone doesn’t buy into it it will fail, the bad guys will kill off all the individuals who will have no collective defense. Since man is barely above the levels of barbarism we came from we must still have government.

    I will look into the cupon when I return from the Tampa Theater big screening of North By Northwest.

  3. PT, I think you’re confusing anarchism with Libertarianism. There’d still be a very small state under Libertarianism, including some form of police.

    North by Northwest…that’s a Hitchcock film. But I can’t recall the plot, so I’ll Google it to jog my memory. Anyway, you’re fortunate to live in an urban setting with some culture.

    When you say “big screen”, you mean like the “old days” before multiplexes? I miss those.

  4. Well guy, believing in a political construct that can’t sustain itself while you live under the protection of one that has, is a luxury provided you by the blood sweat and tears of those who came before us. And the “horribly brutal” Bush guys. Maybe Cheeney too lol. Make sure you mention him nightly in your prayers for his part in keeping America safe.

    The Tampa Theater is really cool. Built in 1923 and refurbished in 1978 it still has all the ambience of the golden age of movies including an organ player. It has a single big screen and a huge balcony and you feel like you have been transported in time back to the roaring twenties.

    North By Northwest was the precursor to the Bond movies, in fact Hitch could have directed Dr. No but he chose to do Psycho instead.

    It was a fun afternoon. I had my popcorn and a draft and fell in love all over again with Eva Marie Saint, who had some sexy lines for the day. And the nostalgia of train travel when they had real dining cars with silverware and everything is overwhelming.

  5. Does TT show only “oldies” or current too? And you can have a beer in there? I will google it so maybe if I ever get to that area I can see what’s playing and enjoy a remembrance of what a real movie theatre is like.

    The local “dollar” movie raised it’s price to $3. Not enough folks bought the profitable sodas and popcorn. So now they pay more and get nothing more; if they had bought the soda and popcorn at least they’d have gotten some value.

    At $3, the price / value differential between them and the $4.75 at AMC for a pre-noon movie is so minimal considering that the AMC is a nicer theatre, I get “points” to free tickets, etc. AND free refills on the soda and popcorn that it makes more sense to got to AMC if I can just get my rear end operating by noon.

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