For anyone who has not yet seen Madmen on AMC you have a treat instore for you when you catch it. It is very sophisticated black comedy about life in a Madison Ave Ad Agency in the 60’s. It is faithful to costume and period sets and the American culture of the day. The scripts are riviting and the characters are well developed. It isn’t often that multiple characters can all hold our attention like these can.

It refelcts what was happening in America as different clients come through the doors. This years (1963) hot stories so far have been diet cola, bicardi, Israeli Tourism, Pan Am, etc.

It is the first cable show to win an Emmy for best drama. 

It’s great with DVR just breeze right through the commercials.




2 Responses

  1. Cool, I’ll have to catch it. My new digs are at 76th and Madison.


  2. Alas they are over now:(

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