No War On Terror

Nothing the current leaders are doing addresses the prime need of our country today. They are focused on winning elections and playing partisan politics as usual and completely ignore the Homeland Security needs of our citizens. Obama set the tone to disavow the existence of the terminology “war on terror.” Let’s call it something else and not spend any money on upgrading our homeland security. It’s just not popular with the liberals that elected me he seems to shout at every corner. It was W’s thang after all so it must be wrong. It’s not about rhetoric Mr. President it’s about enforcing the laws that are on the books and allocating budget to provide the proper screening devices. Congress is worse. It’s so funny, we pass a bill for conference that will cover more people for health care than ever before, it has dominated the American Culture (driven by the MSM who have also conveniently downplayed the need for homeland security). Someone tell me how we care for dead people blown up needlessly in aircraft because our leaders have their heads up their arses. If not for defective equipment several hundred innocent civilians would again be dead needlessly. But the President stays in Hawaii and congress stays home. Damn, it’s just maddening.

The system did not work!