What If?

What if we actually took politics seriously? I mean does anyone really look at the divine comedy that passes for leadership today as serious? What if it were? What if somehow, someway, when a person got elected they actually became responsible and accountable to the people that they represent?

What if a national referendum was held to agree on what is really important for our leadership to be focused on and they were incentivized to focus on only those things until they were completed? Incentive is of course largely measured in pay. So if their pay was tied to performance on the strategic issues only, would they deal with them instead of the flavor of the day?

Further, what if the national budget could only be spent on the strategic issues, we would have to make it illegal to spend money on anything that was not previously agreed upon as mission critical in the strategic plan. We would have to restrict sources of revenue so that special interests could not buy” pay to play” access.

Tying budget to performance would be essential but not enough. What if we expanded the law relating to treason to include devious performance by elected officials so that, not only would they be incented by pay but also disincented  by penalty.

Once this framework was approved the next critical aspect would be establishing the vision and strategy to fulfill it. What if, during this process the will of the people actually agreed in plurality on the strategies and that they agreed that our focus would be on these only? Metrics were established that measured success and that these metrics were reviewed by everyone on a daily basis. Everyone could be given a pocket card that lists the strategic points and their metrics, when election time came, those points would be essential to a candidate’s election or defeat.

I know what I would favor and not favor for our elected officials to deal with I wonder how many folks would agree with my list and how many would have additions or deletions.

Defense (foreign & domestic)






I would disallow budget/metrics for

Social welfare/reform

Human Services


2 Responses

  1. 1. Politics, by its nature, has never been, and cannot ever be, rational. If it could be rational, it would be by now.

    2. Now, a wise dictator (as Plato suggest in The Republic) could possibly (but not necessarily) bring logic to government. But then, that would be the end of politics.

  2. 1. Politics, by its nature, has never been, and cannot ever be, rational. If it could be rational, it would be by now.

    Kinda like the adage “if man were meant to fly he woulda had wings?”

    We have always had politics, like prostitution, they will endure to the end.

    I chose to believe that the good in man will eventually overcome the evil. After all what is the future of pessimism? But we must confront evil and strive to do the right thing…….truly we all know what that is when we need to……….

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