Sunday the Frau and I went to the Tampa Theater to see Fritz Lang’s Metropolis. The Tampa Theater is neat, one of only a few Theatrical Palaces left from the 20’s it has been restored and maintained by the City of Tampa. The Wurlitzer Organ itself is worth a trip, recently the 103 year old organist passed away, Rosie was enormously popular among “her children.”

Metropolis was one of the few American screenings of this restored and digitally remastered version, with 25 minutes of “lost” footage.

Having just finished Charlie Chan by Yunte Huang, which wonderfully recreated the world of film from the 20’s and 30’s, I felt purposefully challenged to experience what the audiences from the 20’s would have felt in watching this epic film. And it’s usually fun to go to the Tampa Theater and listen to the Wurlitzer.

Unfortunately that was all the fun of the 3.5 hours of talking heads and the movie. After decades of film evolution I gotta say that watching a 2 ½ hour silent flick was not fun. The film itself was ridiculously melodramatic and the “acting” ……..well it wasn’t. Acting from the 30’s was infinitely better than this. Even Fritz Lang grew to hate this flick and called it silly. There may have been 10 minutes of interesting footage and the rest belongs in a silent museum. I give it thumbs down, or better yet, a middle finger salute.


2 Responses

  1. I saw it in college and also though it “over the top.” More “overacting” than anything. Which makes me wonder about the film critics….

    OTOH, I did catch Lawrence of Arabia on TV last Saturday. First time I’d seen the whole film again since it was first released back in the 60s. A great film!

  2. “Awerence” is one of my top 10 pleasures in film. I love everything about it.

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