Christina Augilera

On Super Bowl Sunday she” performed” The National Anthem.

I have no words to add to this review except to say ……..right on man!


3 Responses

  1. I thought all the media coverage over her flubbing the words was a bit of over hype. Because I suspect that if you asked the public the three questions below, most would not know the answers, especially those under 30,maybe even 40:

    1. What event does the national anthem commemorate?

    2. What greater episode in U.S. history was that event part of?

    3. Name a unique event which happened during that episode that has never happened since, and will likely never happen again?

  2. But his point, which I totally agrre with, was not the error but the melisma, “over souling. ” which ruins the song and the patriotism of the moment.

  3. Oh and btw, I hang with a lot of young people as my youngest brings a lot of buds to FSU events and they are all very patriotic even know the words and sing the SPB.

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