Atlas Shrugged

Finally the movie has been filmed; 53 years after publication. It will be released on April 15 lololol. It has the potential to be just as relevant today as it was to many of us in the pre-“great society” 50’s. Sadly it will no doubt have a divisive impact on a red and blue society that has largely given up any pretense of civility and collaboration. Actually I find it astounding that the movie was produced on the left bank of America. The producers and director have plans to tell the 1000 page story in 3 movies this being part 1. This movie will build anticipation for the following one by never showing the face of John Galt who, growing weary of the social values and government creep of a menacing government, shrugs, taking other like minded producers to a retreat and leaving the non producers to their own dysfunction.

The clip I have attached is from Madmen one of the best TV shows produced lately. The two characters are Robert Morse and Jon Hamm. Hamm’s character Don Draper is the perfect Randian character so the clip is full of symbolism. Draper is a man who stole the identity of another soldier killed in Korea and reengineered himself to be what he wanted to be and to leave behind the emptiness of his previous dysfunctional family. He is selfish like Morse says and he works hard to get what he wants; the classic example of objectivism.


I will see the movie on April 15. I hope it lives up to potential.