Atlas Shrugged Part 1…………II

I saw the movie at its first screening in Tampa Friday April 15 at high noon (think Gary Cooper). There were about 100 folks there to see it as well…….damn fools all stood and applauded at the movies end. Of course they all looked like me and didn’t have to work either having spent much of a lifetime for the privilege. The film was the top grossing limited-release film of the weekend bringing in $1.7 mill while only appearing in 300 single screen locations. Wonder how much better it would have done if the theaters had actually promoted it.

But Hollywood didn’t want this film produced and has done everything it can to hinder its creation and delivery. We all know Hollywood to be what they are, a mostly liberal elitist and closed mined group of insecure card carrying unionists who brand all conservatives as” tea partiests” which has become code for red-neck nut cases.

John Aglialoro, a billionaire champion poker playing businessman bought the screen rights 20 years ago and after failing to gain support from the financial community to produce it he used his own money. Hollywood says its because they felt the film wouldn’t make money. Geez! Why would it make money the book is the second most influential book in history next to the bible (library of congress) selling over 6 million copies.  Perhaps Ayn  Rand’s iconic attack on Marxism was just too scary for the Marxist Hollywood crowd.

As for the movie itself it is far far better than the pans being given it by the liberal critics. It could easily be taken from today’s headlines describing our gutless congress. I thought the actress, Taylor Shilling, selected to play the Heroine Dagny Taggart did a marvelous job. Grant Bowler playing Hank Reardon wasn’t quite as good, Jon Hamm would have probably done a better job . I know the director was using understated emotion to dramatize and highlight the actual message but the book was full of passion and dramatic explosions that could have added to message delivery. It has a great train ride scene on the John Galt line and a dramatic ending which sets the stage for part 2 which will be premiered on April 15 2012. Part 3 will be premiered on………yup April 15 2013 and may actually be produced as a musical.

This is good film making folks and should not be missed.


Jersey Boys

I saw this in Tampa a few days ago. It is simply first rate entertainment. Can’t get it off my mind, I may go back again before it leaves. We had great seats and were just  overwhelmed by the artistry of the performance. I have looked for a clip that gives the best rendition and settled on this one from the Tony’s.

Imagine that you were actually there at Bandstand, Ed Sullivan, and The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame when these guys made their debuts on those shows and then imagine that the Broadway performance is probably better than the originals due to the evolution of technology.  When they did these numbers they re- created the sets and performed towards the rear of the stage and then came to the front and amped up the finales to the audience.

Should you ever have a chance to see it don’t let the price stop you it is a memory that will last a long time.