Jersey Boys

I saw this in Tampa a few days ago. It is simply first rate entertainment. Can’t get it off my mind, I may go back again before it leaves. We had great seats and were just  overwhelmed by the artistry of the performance. I have looked for a clip that gives the best rendition and settled on this one from the Tony’s.

Imagine that you were actually there at Bandstand, Ed Sullivan, and The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame when these guys made their debuts on those shows and then imagine that the Broadway performance is probably better than the originals due to the evolution of technology.  When they did these numbers they re- created the sets and performed towards the rear of the stage and then came to the front and amped up the finales to the audience.

Should you ever have a chance to see it don’t let the price stop you it is a memory that will last a long time.


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  1. I’m jealous. I think spencercourt saw this in New York (or maybe Vegas?) I hope it comes to Tallahassee eventually. I have a little story about the Four Seasons…they were the first concert I was allowed to attend without a chaperone, just with a girlfriend. I was maybe 16? They were appearing at Western Carolina University. On the way home, (maybe 30 miles away) we stopped at a little restaurant and they were there. I could not believe I was seeing Frankie Valli eating a hamburger with my very own eyes. I got him to autograph a napkin, which is now lost to history. I could kick myself.

  2. Well that’s a cool story. I never saw them in person. Too bad you lost the napkin. “Oh what a night” is a special song for me except it was Nov 1963 instead of December lol Close enough to bond with though.

  3. Lol pt, your choice is probably pretty revealing:) I don’t dislike any song they ever did, but I would have to say my favorite is probably “Walk Like a Man”.Probably pretty revealing too lol.
    I have another autograph story. One night when I lived in Memphis a girlfriend and I went to dinner. It was raining, so she dropped me off at the door while she parked the car. While I was waiting for her, Muhammed Ali walked through the door. I was like, no way. This can’t be real. When she got to the door, I was like, you won’t believe this but…and she didn’t believe it until we got inside. We kept sort of staring at hm until a member of his entourage walked over and said, Ali would like to give you his autograph, and presented us with napkins he signed.
    When they left, Ali himself came to our table and stood still for a moment and smiled at us, but by that time he could not speak. It was painful. I already hated boxing, but that did it for me. Seeing him alert and aware but trapped in the prison of a body that did not work.

  4. I’ve trying to see it in Vegas for half-price. In January 2010, tickets were 30% off but I’m waiting them out. It’s only “when” not “if.”

    I’ll be in Vegas the first week of may, so maybe this trip is “when.”

  5. I predict it will be a highlight of your trip.

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