Classic Elitist Leader

Tim Geithner is one of the best educated, bred to be a leader “Washingtonians” in DC. I’ll bet his IQ puts him in the genius category. There has to be a spot in public service that he could do great service for his country. I hope someday he finds it. It sure ain’t anywhere near Secretary of Treasury. He so believes that increased taxes and continued government growth is the solution to our financial crises that he is the poster child for our National disconnect. The MSM so loves the elites (cause they all think of themselves as smarter than John Q Public too) that they keep quiet on the scary disregard for common sense our current elite administration advocates.  He comes off arrogant and haughty in most of his interviews, and as Congresswoman Renee Ellmers says here “just wrong.” We need more leaders like Renee who worked her way through nursing school. She didn’t have the luxury that Geithner had of a silver spoon heritage so she has more the common man touch with her constituency; she knows how to run the family budget. Geithner never had to scrimp; anytime he wanted a new toy he simply spent other people’s money (Mommy and Daddy’s) just like he is doing now with his Uncle’s.


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  1. I favor the Minnesota solution. Let the feds shut down for a few weeks, so all the Tea Party types who think government needs needs to go away see what happens. I do not beleive there are any *essential* services. Shut it ALL down. Then let’s see what happens in the 2012 election….

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