You’re Out Of Touch or Another Fine Mess You’ve Got Us Into

Congress is so out of touch with the real thoughts of America one can only laugh or cry. Just thinking of what they have done to solve the debt crises makes my head hurt so I have chosen to laugh about it. Tis a classic example of no one being accountable for anything.

The US  Constitution enables all of the power of the government to be given to 545 people. That would be 1 President, 9 Supreme Court Justices and 535 members of Congress (435 in the house and 100 in the senate) The President tells us that we should write our congressman if we are unhappy because he can’t get them to do anything (thereby abdicating all responsibility/accountability for the mess). And they have given all their power to fix the deficit to 12 people…… a Super Committee of 6 Democrats and 6 Republicans. That means that the financial fate of over 300 million  people hangs in the hands of 12 people to do what they were unable to do in full session(for 4 decades)……….and they have to do it in 3 months. Does this remind anyone else but me of Laurel and Hardy?

Yes they have a trigger that kicks in with” draconian” cuts if they fail. But you have to ask yourself will they really let it kick in when they fail to do the impossible? Of course not ………they will find a way around it because it’s an election year and even though they have tried diligently to avoid losing any votes to angry victims of their ineptness they will have to sell it as somehow needing more time to fix………until after the 2012 elections.

So let’s review, the President abdicates to congress while reminding us that we should have a shared burden to reduce the deficit. Congress can’t figure out how to “share the burden” so they pass the ball to a SC with a purposely & impossibly contrived timeline armed by a doomsday trigger that they never intend to pull.  And btw………….it’s all the tea party’s fault.


Mo Meets Her Match

Maureen Dowd has reined as the master of  snark for the NY Times for a long time. She can actually be funny on occasion, showing off her erudition with seeming superhuman invulnerability. If she weren’t so one dimensional she would be funny. As it is,  most take her with a grain of salt and move on. Laura   Ingraham  has chosen to rebut Dowds latest rant against the tea partiers. It makes for hilarious  stuff. My personal favorite is “Barack The Ripper.” You Go Girl!