Mo Meets Her Match

Maureen Dowd has reined as the master of  snark for the NY Times for a long time. She can actually be funny on occasion, showing off her erudition with seeming superhuman invulnerability. If she weren’t so one dimensional she would be funny. As it is,  most take her with a grain of salt and move on. Laura   Ingraham  has chosen to rebut Dowds latest rant against the tea partiers. It makes for hilarious  stuff. My personal favorite is “Barack The Ripper.” You Go Girl!



3 Responses

  1. Not bad for Laura, though of course I disagree with everything she says 🙂 But Maureen is truly the queen of snark. I much prefer Gail Collins–I believe she’s off now writing a book or something. Lately I can’t seem to find the time, or maybe it’s the motivation, to keep up with the NYT op-eds as I once did.

  2. Laura can hold her own with anyone, and run circles around many of the on air “personalities.”Undergrad at Dartmouth, UVA Law Degree, Law Clerk for Clarence Thomas, and bubbling pn air presence. She is unlike the rest of the pack in that she frequently treats the opposition with respect and dignity. But there isn’t a liberal bone in her body.

    Loved her interview with Matt Lauer, she should win an Emmy for that.

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