Social Security in Plain English

This is the best article on the status of Social Security I have seen to date. Krauthammer  gives a solid unemotional, and straight forward assessment of the situation. If pols would speak this way they would have a higher approval rating of the voters (perhaps). As opposed to the fear mongering they so often resort to.


Tea Time in America

The Tea Party is apparently scaring the decency out of political rhetoric of the liberals today. Representative Maxine Waters angrily condemned them last week saying Tea Party members could go straight to hell.   Representative Andre Carson says that the Tea Party wants African Americans Hanging from a tree. Yesterday, in a warm up speech for Obama, Jimmy Hoffa drew a rousing ovation when he shouted that we need to take the sons of bitches out.  I fail to see anything liberal in these remarks; they are demonizing a grass roots political movement because it is impacting their voting blocks. Obama did nothing to downplay these remarks, tacitly validating the verbal abuse.

Lets look at who the Tea Part really is.

  • Interestingly, 41% are independent. They are older, whiter, educated, wealthier and religious. What in the world is so scary about that group of people? Here is their platform.
  • Eliminate Excessive Taxes
  • Eliminate the National Debt
  • Eliminate Deficit Spending 
  • Abide by the Constitution of the United States
  • Protect Free Markets 
  • Promote Civic Responsibility
  • Reduce the Overall Size of Government
  • Believe in the People
  • Avoid the Pitfalls of Politics
  • Maintain Local Independence

I Think liberals (progressives) are indeed angry at someone, they just can’t direct their anger to the one in charge so they demonize the opposition to build and maintain an environment of racism and hatred. And here I thought liberals were  tolerant and progressive. What was I thinking?