Tea Time in America

The Tea Party is apparently scaring the decency out of political rhetoric of the liberals today. Representative Maxine Waters angrily condemned them last week saying Tea Party members could go straight to hell.   Representative Andre Carson says that the Tea Party wants African Americans Hanging from a tree. Yesterday, in a warm up speech for Obama, Jimmy Hoffa drew a rousing ovation when he shouted that we need to take the sons of bitches out.  I fail to see anything liberal in these remarks; they are demonizing a grass roots political movement because it is impacting their voting blocks. Obama did nothing to downplay these remarks, tacitly validating the verbal abuse.

Lets look at who the Tea Part really is.

  • Interestingly, 41% are independent. They are older, whiter, educated, wealthier and religious. What in the world is so scary about that group of people? Here is their platform.
  • Eliminate Excessive Taxes
  • Eliminate the National Debt
  • Eliminate Deficit Spending 
  • Abide by the Constitution of the United States
  • Protect Free Markets 
  • Promote Civic Responsibility
  • Reduce the Overall Size of Government
  • Believe in the People
  • Avoid the Pitfalls of Politics
  • Maintain Local Independence

I Think liberals (progressives) are indeed angry at someone, they just can’t direct their anger to the one in charge so they demonize the opposition to build and maintain an environment of racism and hatred. And here I thought liberals were  tolerant and progressive. What was I thinking?


10 Responses

  1. I assure you that I am as tolerant as Rush!

  2. If you refer to Rush Limbaugh he is not relevant to leadership, or this post. He is a clown not worthy of discussion.

  3. PT, you were born two centuries too late. The political environment you believe in is long gone, if it ever existed. And if you look at the historical trend, I do not believe the direction can be reversed.

    As for Rush, he IS a leader, whether you like it or not and whether you admit to it or not. A leader in the sense that he has a lot of followers who will vote as he recommends.

  4. No the reality that I live in is still real sadly there is a disproportionately small population.

    Riddle me this anarchist,,,,,,,,,Arabic Spring

  5. > Riddle me this anarchist,,,,,,,,,Arabic Spring

    Are you looking for a question to which that is the answer or what?

  6. Well I was hoping that you might actually think about how the Arabic Spring is relevant to the type of government we have, how all people want the right to self rule. Historians will write that the first step in the Arabic Spring movement was the dismantling of Saddam’s terrorist regime. It is quite likely that were he and his interventionist thugs still alive and in power there would have been no Arabic Spring. Given this insight I believe that my vision of America is that the tonic of self rule is more relevant than ever. Not only has it not been dead for 200 years it is spreading like a long awaited vaccine against the viral tyranny of one man rule.

    The Tea Party is an example of that same spirit of self rule and is in lockstep with the basic premises of a democratic society. Thankfully in America this “revolt” is civil and increasingly influential. Look at the special elections results for Tuesday in NY and Nevada. First GOP incumbent in that NY district in 88 years……and it’s civil, bloodless and effective. It is spreading like The Arabic Spring:)

  7. Linking the Arab Spring to Iraq is pure conjecture. But it serves ideological views.

    Be careful what you wish for. I believe that when “democracy” comes to all these Arab countries, a lot of folks are going to miss the dictators. Look at the trashing of the israeli embassy in Cairo. That’s just the beginning.

  8. “Linking the Arab Spring to Iraq is pure conjecture. But it serves ideological views”

    Not true at all! It is a documented sentiment from different Arab Spring rebels. Certainly not published by domestic media but available to open minded people who care to seek reality.

    “Be careful what you wish for.”

    It is the Arabs who wish self rule. This is not a college debate it is the real world.

  9. > a documented sentiment from different Arab Spring rebels.

    That is grasping at straws, not causality.

    Arab Spring began with Tunisia. They had NO foreign intervention, as with Iraq. If Iraq is an inspiration, then they have to believe someone would help them, as happened in Libya. What basis would anyone have to believe that such intervention would be forthcoming?

    How did Tunisia begin? A street vendor burned himself, and died from his burns, protesting mistreatment by the police. That led to riots and the the regime collapsed.

    Tunisia showed that it is possible to overthrow a dictator with no outside help. THAT is what inspired Egypt, et al.

    But what does “why” matter? Why is for do-nothing academics and the impotent. Revolution is all that matters.

    I support these revolutions, for my own reasons. Murabak was a stooge of the U.S. As is Saudia Arabia. And Jordan. When the people have a choice, I do not believe they will choose rulers who will be U.S. stooges.

    And when that happens, Israel will be in big trouble. The Palestinians, who have been oppressed by Zionist Israel for over a half century, will have their country.

    When that happens, tell me again how glad you are that democracy has come to those countries.

    And I give Iraq and Afghanistan a maximum of two years after U.S. leaves before they go Islamic governments too.

  10. The desire for self rule is the cause of Arab Spring. Generations of subjugated Arab populations have bred the mind set. The rebellion leaders seem to be the tech savvy youth, who armed with cell phones and internet social media have communicated their rage and rebellions far faster than the Thugs running their fiefdoms could control. Saddam’s execution was one of the widest circulated videos in the middle east. That image fed the fires of pent up frustrations and said clearly to those with nothing to lose that times are and can be “achanging.” How it will end up may well be a different story but removing the Middle East Thugs can only be seen as humane, unless you are one of them.

    The Tea Party is an example of a similar process operating in a free and civil society. It absolutely infuriates the incumbents that Americans are fed up with the same old rhetoric and the times are “achanging” here too.

    Get used to it. 2012 will be a shocker.

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