Social Security in Plain English

This is the best article on the status of Social Security I have seen to date. Krauthammer  gives a solid unemotional, and straight forward assessment of the situation. If pols would speak this way they would have a higher approval rating of the voters (perhaps). As opposed to the fear mongering they so often resort to.


2 Responses

  1. I see that rant was posted under “opinions.” Now if you want facts, see this:

  2. Krauthammer isn’t ranting. He is actually moving away from well deserved hostility to possible solutions.

    The link you provided is a good primer to explain the concept of SS.

    See spot run.

    It does not cover the reality that the US Treasury does not have the funds or resources to redeem the Trillions of IOUs it has left in the pot to fund government “programs” in BFE.

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