The Millionaires Tax

Throughout recorded world history man has relied on the “scapegoat” vehicle to gain support of enough of a power base to accomplish whatever the user’s goals are. In some cases there might actually be some accurate factual data to validate the theory, but it’s not necessary for the tactic to be successful, all that’s necessary is muster enough support to gain victory.

The”Millionares “tax, so intricately woven into the Obama message, is a classic example. On the surface it implies a simple fix to the deficit facing the US today. Tax the folks making a million dollars more than their current rate and we will; fix the problem, share the burden, and redistribute the wealth from those who have earned it to those who need it. (That is of course assuming that the Millionaires don’t actually need their own money nor have a right to do what they wish with it). This is a classic example of scapegoating the rival political group (who are not going to vote for you anyway so wtf) and feeding the “defenseless, downtrodden masses just enough shit to grow the mushrooms of dissent and get re-elected.

Several things should be noted about the reality of Millionaires income. At some point they have actually worked for it or been extremely fortunate. The tax laws currently in place since the mid 80’s created investment vehicles that benefit everyone who has the ability and foresight to plan ahead, by sinking income into capital gains. These capital gains come in a wonderful variety of options which encourage investment (savings). The entire point is to encourage savings by allowing tax free investment on the front and lower tax rates on the back. Thus Millionares can actually exist without having to work because they have planned well, or been lucky.

So taxing them should be easy right? Not so fast there bub. As it turns out 50 to 60 % of retiring boomers are invested in capital gain opportunities too. Most are not millionaires. So if the capital gains tax laws were changed it would penalize the middleclass retirement population that has flocked to these retirement havens at the government’s urging. In planer words it would victimize the “victims’ even more. It is a masterful deceit that absolutely no one is talking about.  And it might even work . Since the end game is to get re-elected and not to actually create the tax it can just disappear after the election.

Obama is clearly smart and educated enough to understand the intricacies of the economics of capital gains so it just reveals a much more sinister side, an ambivalence to the middle class that he assumes the persona of protecting.  The ultimate treachery, the wolf among the sheep.

Now one might argue that the corporate tax rate of successful business can be raised to offset the deficit. Of course history shows that successful guys can be successful offshore as well as on so they can simply leave and take their wealth with them.

One thing is for sure, folks will not give their money to the government or “gooberment” without a tussle .

Lastly the line between “classes” is a blurry line at best. Folks move in and out of socio economic groups, they are not static. So there is actually no merit at all in class warfare and the millionaire’s Tax.


Edna III

This past fall I had several exposures to GPS while traveling around the South going to FSU football games. My daughter had Edna 1 and son had Edna II, our names for the Star Trek like computer voice that has become so ubiquitous throughout the world of travel. Of course I don’t need one in Florida where I AM the GPS but……..out of state is a different story.

I wanted a voice enabled GPS device I thought. However during some after Christmas exploration I found that it made much more sense to renew my ongoing wireless contract with AT&T and purchase a Samsung Iphone. After 3 days of steady learning I have mastered the basics of its operation. It is very intuitive and user friendly unlike many of the previous palm and windows based PDAs that I have used. It has the processing capability of my Toshiba laptop but is much more portable. It does much more than I will ever use it for but most importantly it does EXACTLY what I want from it.

It is voice operated, that’s the big thing. I touch one tap and search screen and that’s it. Everything after is voice control. It is my GPS, email, text messaging, phone, and google search. I never have to take my eyes from the road, or touch anything else. I can leave it on speaker or use my Bluetooth for private conversation. It tells me when I get messages and will read them if I choose.  I added a Navigation Vehicle Mount attachment which attaches to the dash or windshield and is the secure docking/charging station.