Edna III

This past fall I had several exposures to GPS while traveling around the South going to FSU football games. My daughter had Edna 1 and son had Edna II, our names for the Star Trek like computer voice that has become so ubiquitous throughout the world of travel. Of course I don’t need one in Florida where I AM the GPS but……..out of state is a different story.

I wanted a voice enabled GPS device I thought. However during some after Christmas exploration I found that it made much more sense to renew my ongoing wireless contract with AT&T and purchase a Samsung Iphone. After 3 days of steady learning I have mastered the basics of its operation. It is very intuitive and user friendly unlike many of the previous palm and windows based PDAs that I have used. It has the processing capability of my Toshiba laptop but is much more portable. It does much more than I will ever use it for but most importantly it does EXACTLY what I want from it.

It is voice operated, that’s the big thing. I touch one tap and search screen and that’s it. Everything after is voice control. It is my GPS, email, text messaging, phone, and google search. I never have to take my eyes from the road, or touch anything else. I can leave it on speaker or use my Bluetooth for private conversation. It tells me when I get messages and will read them if I choose.  I added a Navigation Vehicle Mount attachment which attaches to the dash or windshield and is the secure docking/charging station.




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  1. Travel long and never be lost in a strange galaxy….

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