E Pluribus Unum

Ever notice all those “poor” people that keep appearing on TV whenever tragedy strikes? They are really annoying to all us normal folks. I think we oughtta pass a law, you know, let’s just eliminate poverty. Pass a law that makes it illegal to be poor and that would fix everything up for sure.  I mean that’s pretty much what we are doing  with everything else so why not? Everyone who is not rich is an ipso facto victim. So if we eliminate poverty we will fix everything.

Here’s what I see in the news today.

College students are victims of predatory lenders

Veterans are victims of predatory lenders

Homeowners are victims of predatory lenders

Uninsured people are victims of the society they live in

Women are the victims of Republicans

Minorities are the victims of the emerging minority of “non-minority folks”

Maybe it should be in the form of an 11th constitutional amendment: Congress shall make no law abridging the public’s right to be non-poor. Maybe it’s just that simple

I will volunteer to own the laws name, let’s call it PT’s Law: and when you drill it down you will find at its core this simple concept, “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need. “