At Least US Grant saved the Republic Once but this guy………..WOW.

Obama’s 2008 bumper sticker was hope and CHANGE. I guess that will be good enough for Romney in 2012. It is increasingly evident that we have a liar in the Whitehouse, the worst kind of President, a divider. He campaigned on hope and change, promised unity and transparency of rule but has completely done the opposite. Hiding behind the disguise of cool and guilelessness, he divides and obfuscates, falsely personifying the opposition as villains who are threatening the Republic. It’s a classic deception practiced by many throughout history. Now all can see it on display as his administration slides from one faux pas to the next: selling guns to terrorists one day, partying with hookers, and lavishly wasting tax payers money on Vegas boondoggles the next. EPA staff explains that enforcement becomes easier once you roll into town and use the Roman practice of grabbing the first 3 men you can find and crucifying them, while ICE leadership scams hundreds of thousands of fake travel docs.  

There is neither integrity nor honesty in our Government, and it is clearer every day that massive downsizing would save the country Billions of unnecessary administrative overhead. If folks had more productivity to be accountable for perhaps they wouldn’t have so much time and treasury to waste.

There is no oversight of Federal Staff, only politics in the Oval Office.  The most amazing part is that the occupiers are protesting corporate greed and ignoring the bigger crooks we actually have a say in retaining or firing.


‘This is the man who sprang from nowhere with that thrilling 2004 convention speech declaring that there is “not a black America and white America and Latino America and Asian America; there’s the United States of America.””

Liar Liar Liar!!!

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  1. Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Julia

  2. Well–I’d say that in advance of the election, you are ramping up your outrage. I’m seeing a lot of that all over. I would just like to say that I find accusations about the misbehavior in certain Federal agencies did not start with this President. And that laying it all on his doorstep is grossly unfair at best. It isn’t possible to micromanage all the tendrils of government. I know you didn’t like the book, but The Dark Side made a huge impression on me. A sort of side effect of it was that I actually came away with a more positive impression of George W. Bush than I ever had before. If you want to talk about misbehavior, let’s talk about GWB’s Justice Department authorizing torture. I’d say that beats the hell out of hiring prostitutes in Columbia. GWB could not stop what he didn’t know about. Once he did know, he put a stop to it in the sense that he did not allow it to progress further, although he did not undo the damage already done. I suppose if he had been a complete hero, he would have done so, but the fact that he didn’t–I understand that too.
    One of my VERY conservative friends on Facebook (amazing any of them speak to me) posted a similar-sounding opinion under the heading of, “Why does Obama take so much credit for the killing of Bin Laden?” My reply: Um. Because he authorized it? Because he selected the time and the method? His reply: Perhaps I am making too much of this because I already don’t like him. Yes. Could be.

  3. “let’s talk about GWB’s Justice Department authorizing torture. I’d say that beats the hell out of hiring prostitutes in Columbia”

    Jose Rodriguez, the former director of the CIA’s National Clandestine Service said on CBS last week that Pelosi knew in advance of EIB’s because it was he who told her in a room full of witnesses………..but no one wants to remember that most of the immediate response to 911 was bi laterally approved and even encouraged by the stunned leaders in Washington who, like the rest of us, had no idea what acts of terror were yet to come. I doubt that Pelosi was briefed in advance about the prostitutes.

    But yes we must hold the current boss responsible for the current mess, or we should have to go back and lock up all of the living Presidents. It’s all Bush’s fault is out of gas now.

    As for ramping up, it’s the events of fraud and incompetence that are ramping up in Government. No matter where else or when they may have occurred in days of yore they are real today right here in River City. And its not a legitimate defense to say to a cop, well hell officer, everyone else was doing it too ……………

  4. Since you are a student of history, far more than I, I think you should go back and pull from your extensive knowledge of presidential history. You are ascribing too much responsibility and control to this particular President. Because you don’t like him.
    It is indeed not a legitimate defense to say “everybody else does it”. I’ve tried that myself, and the Park Ranger said, True, but you got caught. This week,, the 9th Circuit dismissed a suit against John Yoo, the architect of the Torture Memo. Granted, that suit was brought by Jose Padillo, and really, who cares? On the other hand, is that justice?

  5. I think the most important metric an incumbent should be held accountable for is the record, not rhetoric nor promises of brighter things to come. Now, 2012, is the election, and the past 3 years of Obama’s record is the best measure of his ability. Good or bad, it is what happened. Is it fare, is it just, well if it’s not then we might as well read fairy tales and bury our heads in the sand.

    Obama would make great Shakespearean Drama, I just can’t decide if it would be, History, Tragedy or Comedy.

    If Romney focuses on Obamas record and not his clever slights of hand, it will be a close election, if the economy turns around. It doesn’t help the rock star at all that he twice insulted SCOTUS in national forum, in fact it appears that his hubris will cost him dearly this summer with the Arizona immigration lawsuit and the individual mandate.

  6. I only remember the President “insulting” SCOTUS once, although I would use the term “scolded”. And that was over their very bad decision in the Citizens United case. I agreed with him, and I think we can see the results of that decision playing out today, in spades. The President is not infallible, but neither is SCOTUS. They are not some sacred cow that no one is permitted to criticize.

  7. Here’s the clip summing up Obama’s assaults on SCOTUS

    As for the Citizens United SCOTUS decision I struggled with it initially. Finally I understood its foundational opinion. Some corporations historically had the “right” to make Hugh financial contributions to elect folks while others didn’t. And the balance was Michael Moore,. a movie corporation, made Farenheit 9/11 and released it in June 2004 to attack Bush during the election. Hollywood has historically leaned left and made corporate contributions to politics for decades. So SCOTUS leveled the playing field.

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