Obscenity in Sheep’s Clothing

What’s wrong with the  economy? Why won’t the recovery continue without the hiccups we continue to see in unemployment, and why aren’t the politicians and bureaucrats anywhere in the country talking about it?

I have thought about this for a while. I read all the “smart guys”, to see what they say. When you look at whats happening in Europe the answer becomes more and more obvious. Governments everywhere have run and been elected on the promise to give everybody everything they want.  Problem is there is a finite limit on the amount of money government can confiscate from its citizens before the citizens run out of money. We have reached that limit.

In the US today the “average American” pays close to 60% taxes  to fund local, county, state and federal bureaucracies. So lets just use that number for a moment to look at what’s left.  If you are making $1000 a week you are left with $400 a week to spend on housing, food, medical and incidentals. That pretty much takes up all the money.

Our economy is based on consumer spending. How’s it gonna grow with the scenario I have just presented? There is no money left to consume with.

Todays administration talks a lot about social justice and environmental concerns, and about everybody giving their fare share. It’s just a distraction from the real issue, austerity is so unpopular when it comes to voters that government abdicates real responsibility and comically feeds the media the pabulum distributed to the voters who continue to pay the taxes and slowly starve as taxes creep ever higher and the economy ever lower. The link below does a credible job of inventorying the various ways government taxes citizens in the US. Sad part is they have probably missed some.