I have been a Brighthouse cable company customer for 18 years, and have been satisfied for the most part. I have bundled my cable, internet, and landline with them for the last 6 years, consolidating Sprint and Verizon services to Brighthouse when they expanded into land line phones. Recently I decided I could probably save some money by dropping the land line and fax because I really don’t use them anymore. The only calls I get on the landline are the folks I don’t want to talk to. Everyone who actually knows me well enough to talk calls on the cell, as with my wife. The call initiated a string of amusing, though a bit stressful, anecdotes.

First thing I was reminded of is that there is no longer a straight menu of services, everything is bundled for a 2 year deal. It was explained that dropping the land line and fax wouldn’t actually save me any money as it was packaged with a cable deal so I would still pay the same amount unless I dropped the package that the phone is bundled with. Of course that had some of the channels I actually watch. So I chose not to drop the phone after all.

However, the Brighthouse customer service rep explained that he could in fact save me some  money if I upgraded. Upgraded? You mean I get more for less? Yup he said ………..for 2 years then the price reverts back. Ok well my goal was to save monthly $ so I said yes.

Next day the tech shows up to install newer, better, faster stuff, except when he left the home theater system was messed up more than Hogans Goat.  So next day the hotshot super star technician comes out and fixes it in about 5 minutes. Why didn’t they send him first?

Now the TV is working fine but the internet is off and on. When it is up, it is faster, but it is down 50% of the time. Next service tech exchanges the new modem. Still didn’t work right. 2 Hour phone call with   customer service still left me with intermittent service so another tech comes out and says the signal is too weak from outside and makes an adjustment and it works. Until next morning then it goes down again. I continue the phone calls but now I am out of patience. Next service tech comes in and tells me what the real problem is. The new technology is shit! It is faster but it is still beta and I am going to have to live with up and down service if I want the new technology-which was not my objective at the outset.

So I say give me back the old stuff if it’ll work all the time and I’ll call Verizon next week and see what they can do. So he goes out and makes some calls and replaces the newer better faster equipment with the original stuff, and advises  me that he told the company that they were going to lose me so they cut me a better deal than the newer lower deal I had on the newer better faster equipment 2 year world beater deal.





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  1. Ah PT, this is the fruit of competition!

    A friend of mine is always threatening to leave when the required “deal” period is over and the deal price is about to go up. They always find him a new deal. Sometimes, as you, he gets free updated equipment. He lives from deal to deal….

    Similarly, I’m on a cell phone plan that no longer exists. When my 2-year contract deal ended, I went month to month. That was many years ago. During that time, the company went from ATT to Cingular and then back to ATT. My rate stayed the same. I’m not much of a gabber and don’t do Internet, texting, etc on my phone. So I never use my 250 “anytime minutes” and certainly not even close to my 1000 nights and weekends minutes. My rate is still $29.95 after more years than I can recall.

  2. Yes competition in the marketplace is great:) but if I wasn’t retired I probably wouldn’t have spent that much of my time saving $50 a month.

    I have the same cell service that you do but I pay more for that. Our communication protocols are different. First I have unlimited texting, If I didn’t text I would seldom talk to my children as they all have a proclivity for texting. And I have a dual cell phone plan for me and my wife. She can blow through 2 hours of call time with her sister 3 or 4 times a week so I can’t risk user charges which can mount up quickly.
    Also my android is my gps and MP3 player so I use the net for several services.

  3. When I retire next year, the cell phone is going. I’ll switch to a Tracfone “pay as you go” since we hardly use that phone. No kids and we can
    e-mail the relatives.

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