War On Women

There is no war on women. In order for that to be true it would mean that other women have declared war on themselves and unborn babies. The real issue is abortion which is the most divisive single issue of our time. Pro-life people believe that women are committing crimes of murder, and pro-choice people are arguing the definition of “life”. The issue is a Kobiyashi Maru, a no win scenario. Neither side will ever agree  with the other, we can pass laws like Roe v Wade but it only gives one side the law, it doesn’t make the law acceptable to the other side and it never will, nothing will change that.

Therefor it should not be politicized even more than it already is and should not be part of a political platform, just as religion is not. So declaring those who oppose abortion as fighting war on women is totally spurious and divisive.  We require politicians both male and female to have a position on this issue setting them up for certain failure to please everyone …..they can’t. It is a trap that puts undue pressure on folks we expect to govern and embroils them in emotional issues rather than governing.

It is totally disingenuous by the democrats to employ this vehicle to bolster the party base and win elections. It is incredible to me that we allow this deception and that it is endorsed by the media as a valid news item.  They are saying that Republican Women are fighting a war on Democratic women. How insulting is that? And whatever a man says will backfire sooner or later because women own the baby dialog.

The recent Sandra Fluke sensation used as further “evidence” that Republicans are fighting a war on women is also a totally contrived and illogical plank if the Democratic platform of war on women. A Law student who completed her undergrad work at Georgetown where tuition is $45K a year  should not be recognized as having a valid hardship because government (tax payers) don’t cover her birth control expenses which she falsely claims are too costly to endure. Target advertises them on their Washington web page for $15 a month. She was called before a House committee at tax payer expense and is scheduled to speak at the DNC. Wow reeks of desperation if you ask me.

This contrived liberal dogma just illustrates why this administration and congress isn’t doing a better job, they are too busy posturing for ballots and don’t have any ethics at all on how they get them.

If we can run any religion (personal choice) for office, why can’t it be the same for personal choice on abortion?