Lara Logan Shines

Wow, this really needs no explanation. She is one brave woman.

Lara Logan Shines</a


Play Ball

Baseball is such a great learning lab for life; I am many times blessed to have been around the game both as a kid, adult and coach. It teaches you the value of team play and rewards you for individual excellence at the same time.

Two of the most valuable lessons I learned were to expect bad throws and bad calls but don’t let them put you in a position that they will cost you the game. Turning a double play in the mid infield involves both the second baseman and the shortstop. Each has an integral role in a successful double play. One of the most important coaching lessons taught is to expect a bad throw and anticipate what your reaction to it can be in order to get either one or two outs. If you expect it you are better prepared to deal with it. The same is true for a bad call from an umpire. They are gonna make em and there is usually nothing that can be done about em (just ask this year’s Atlanta Braves)  but a game will hinge on many different events and any combination can win or lose the game for you.

Romney’s political campaign bears much similarity to a baseball game particularly those two  aspects. Throughout his campaign Mitt Romney has been beaten up by all media in America except Fox News. Mainstream  media is just flat out determined to reelect  Obama. But Mitt has hung in there like grim death and survived the onslaught of bad calls and bad throws (and sometimes his own gaffes) to get to center stage next to the great “teleprompter” and he hit it out of the park. The beauty of that debate is that the mainstream media could do nothing to reshape the disaster to resemble anything palatable.  Fans are whining reasons why their debunked wiz stood naked when the screen was pulled. The commander in chief couldn’t command his own dog when stripped of his entourage and going one on one with a real pro. And 60 million people saw it. LOL it is really quite funny.

Now everyone is regrouping for the next go round. It’s kinda like the World Series….how appropriate.