Best Christmas Memories

I have always loved Christmas. The spirit of it is just so enriching. I have many great memories of the good times from my own childhood and from the childhoods of my children. Christmas is kinda like going to Disney World, it is just a lot more fun with kids than without, I mean your own kids not someone else’s. Only recently have I begun to experience “Adult” Christmases, defined as without children. They can be enriching also but in a calmer more laid back way.  So I thought to take an inventory of my fondest memories and see what that looks like, kind of a reverse Christmas Carol  i.e. the wonders of Christmas past.

Best  Childhood  memories.

A surprise box! I got to be pretty clever about guessing what was under the wrapping so one Christmas (10 or 11)  my  Mom wrapped up a big tall box that I just could not figure out, I didn’t have a clue. She had filled it with 10 Hardy Boys books and I was thrilled. I read them like I ate popcorn at the movies in big handfuls. That was fun. (They are in the attic still)

A  Rawlings PM (playmaker 2) baseball glove. It is also still in the attic. Lol

A Conn Connstellation Silver Bell Trombone. It was a fine horn and I played it for 5 or 6 years. Got several superior ratings at State Band Contest. And made all state dance band my senior year. Sold it for $50 to elope to Bainbridge Georgia as we were under Florida legal age. It had served me well.

Best Parental Christmas memories.

My wife’s  fleece lined suede coat which we could not afford and I made layaway payments for 6 months. She didn’t need it much in St. Pete but she coveted it.

My daughter’s first Bike. She cried because we had spent that much money.

A gigantic toy filled Christmas stocking.  It had hung in the Candy Department   at Montgomery Wards to attract customers. It stretched from ceiling to floor. It was overpowering to the boys for half a day and then they got the hang of it and played for hours with the many do-dads it contained.

Best Christmas ever. I hid three major gifts in my office and had to look at them everyday for a month building my own expectations of their excitement. I took them home Christmas Eve  and we placed them under the tree unwrapped with bows and ribbon from Santa. A nice student desk for my college aged daughter. A mongoose dirt bike for the 11 year old and a stereo-karaoke system for the 5 year old that was a ham.

Adult Christmas.

A week at Jekyll Island with Adult family members. Christmas Eve dinner at The Jekyll Island Club and Christmas Day Lunch at the Crain House.  They go all out in Victorian Décor and it was just beautiful and serenely peaceful.  

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.