The Chieftains

I achieved two of my bucket list “to dos” Monday I made it to FSU Seven Days of Opening Nights and saw The Chieftains.  I stumbled across the performance schedule in November  and saw them, I went to the seating chart immediately and there were only a handful of adjoining seats left I jumped on 2 in the orchestra. I have wanted to go to one of these shows  ever since I missed Ben Bradley in the 80’s. And I have always loved the Chieftains music; they are a unique and wonderfully talented group, providing a universal example of global camaraderie and collaboration.

Ruby Diamond has been upgraded since my last visit 30 years ago. It is a very comfortable auditorium seating 1200 and the acoustics and ambience are first rate.  Tallahassee is fortunate to have a venue like this; many communities of similar size do not.  As the Democrat article says, the show was sold out; I didn’t see an empty seat.

The performance was worthy of any audience anywhere in the world. These musicians are very talented professionals and play with a high amount of energy. They keep the audience engaged by invigorating the “traditional” Irish Celtic folk music with lively dancing from the youthful members and haunting Acapellas in Celtic dialects.  This performance incorporated local dance and bagpipes groups, adding a nice touch to an already entertaining evening.

The Chieftains have performed with the best musicians in the world form Pavarotti to Mick Jagger, and in the most exalted venues from the Great Wall of China to the Pope and The Queen of England. They even won an Oscar for the soundtrack for Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon. I don’t know how the folks at Seven Days signed them up but I am forever grateful to have seen them.



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  1. They are the act I would most like to have seen from 7 Days this year. Very nice review. I haven’t been to Ruby Diamond since it opened after remodeling. In fact, the only time I ever went was to see the touring Sufi dancers from Turkey some years ago. The size of the venue made it perfect for them and also no doubt for the Chieftains, but it makes it hard to get tickets because it’s so small. And that’s if you can afford them. Usually I’d like to see just about everything 7 Days offers.

  2. I saw Peter Paul and Mary and i wanna say Pete Fountain and maybe Ferrante and Teicher in the “old” Ruby Diamond. (saw them all some where on campus). RD was not at Westcott in the 60’s and early 70’s. It was located adjacent to Longmire and the music department. Wescott did have an auditorium which was used for events. I actually performed at both during music camps throughout my youth. And then had classes there as a Freshman.

    The new and improved RD is really much better. No classes there I suspect. Too plush!

  3. Well I can’t wait then to find something there I’d really like to see. The Sufi dancers were incredible by the way.

  4. I’d think the Chieftans would have played the Tampa Bay area.

    They were one of the two on the list; what was the other…the renovated Ruby Diamond?

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