The Sequester is here.  It should not be a surprise. No elected official in Washington seems willing to play opposite to Obama’s role of Santa- in- Chief. So a strategy was adopted to let spending cuts not be attributed to either party per se but just be a fete accompli,  a neutered default position, due to political spinelessness  and inertia.  It appears the Federal Government may have to operate with 2.3% less spending over 5 (?) years. I have read 5 and 10 years so it’s ironically appropriate that those in charge have different numbers, and different spins of the truth. There are about as many different reactions to the cuts as there are elected officials, each staking out how best to not be blamed.

The thing is potentially toxic if blame is attached so both sides are still trying to blame it on each other (while silently they are probably both laughing at the “gullible” public). Along comes Bob Woodard –think “Along Came Jones” and low and behold slow walking slow talking Jones says “Obama it was your idea to begin with and here are your words and dates and times you proposed it.” Whoa Jack that’s not fair, I didn’t say that says the White House and you will regret taking that position. So while press secretary Carney is admitting it came from the White House the White House is waging war on the 4th estate for stating the truth. I seem to remember another President taking Woodward on. This President however stays true to form and shoots the messenger, transferring the nations focuses from what he did to what someone else says, he is a master-in-chief of that ploy.

Last week it was almost comical to listen to the scare-spin coming from the administration. Women and children watch out disaster is on the way. We will have to early release illegal aliens. Criminals will be released because Judges will be too backed up to try their cases. Border Patrol (in Arizona) will shut down. Food will be poisoned because we will have to lay off inspectors. Homes will burn because first responders will be furloughed. Teachers for the most needy will be laid off by the thousands. Aircraft carrier groups will be mothballed and soldier’s decommissioned. It’s Armageddon!!!!!!!

But………..then it happened. And Obama came on Air Friday to reassure folks that the Republican idea wasn’t really so bad after all  (just dumb) and that we will “get through” this thing. Immediately after having met with the Republican leadership who won’t give him more taxes, and no doubt all gave him polite Cheshire Cat grins.


Now it appears that the early cuts will be directed to Red States as widely as possible.  And even to counties in those state’s that voted Republican.  In Florida, my own state, the defense department told Governor Scott that Duval and Escambia both would take Military cuts and lose thousands of jobs. In California Maxine Waters says that the US will lose 170 million jobs.  But you probably won’t see that quote in 90% of the media. Kathleen Parker of the  Washington Post writes that the US is close to a State Media  and the attack on one as respected as Bob Woodward is a particularly onerous (my word not hers) Whitehouse ploy.

Shit, what a way to run a country.