“Dumb And Dumber”


Lyndon Johnson famously remarked when Walter Cronkite broadcast his opposition to continuing the war in Vietnam “If I’ve lost Cronkite I’ve lost the Country.” Not long after that he announced he would not run for a 2nd elected term. Well President Obama did run for a second term and as Shieffer  points out he had some campaign staff that got him reelected, they just can’t help him govern.  

Of course when partisan conservative groups are persecuted by the IRS it kinda helps keep the opposition fund raising in check. (There is something inconsistent about calling out the supreme court in your sate of the union on Citizens  but targeting Tea Partyers for subsequent years)And when the lame stream media gives you a pass on incompetency in Bengasi weeks before the election, perpetuating the false narrative that Al Qaida is dead (and general motors is alive) it doesn’t cost you votes among the undecided.

Shieffer , and much of the rest of the lame stream media, now feel betrayed, particularly after the White House had the Associate Press reporters phones tapped to try and find out where his own freaking leaks were coming from. Why not focus instead on your own house?

And when todays White House Senior Advisor Dan Pfetffer (who looks to be all of 35) defended  their latest marching orders which are to only spend 10% of their time on the” not/scandals” Shieffer pointed out that was exactly what the Nixon Administration said to staff after Watergate.




Origin of NRA (short version)

This is a rather different take on the NRA and the second amendment. This conference was held at the National Press Club by a group of conservative black leaders. I have vetted it as much as I can and it seems genuine. Have to admit I had never heard or seen this story before. The entire 75 minute presser is available on youtube if anyone has an interest.