I know nothing……………

If it wasn’t  so sad it would almost be funny how many of those in Obamas camp want to paint those who are not as extremists; racists, red neck crackers, klanners, and knuckle dragging misanthropes.  I for one resent it. However when I finally got past the angry part of my life I have developed an aversion to negative emotions. Then too, it is obvious that the name callers don’t have anything of substance to defend their steadfast devotion to “the Sargent Schultz” in the White House. The man knows absolutely nothing about anything that goes wrong. He gets a pass from the media so the Sargent Schultz default works wonderfully for him just as it did for Schultzy. Just this week alone he knows nothing about listening to Andrea Merkles cell phone, nor the miserable failure of the UAHC web site. Add those to the growing list of similar “puzzlements” and the comparison becomes more obvious.  He knows nothing about Bengazi, the IRS, ATF, nor the Justice Department.

Gary Trudeau (Doonesbury) said it well the day after Obama was elected for the first term, “the golden age of political cartoons is over, you can’t make fun of a black president.” 

Beg to differ Gary…………..



Still a Country For Old Men?

The country has fundamentally changed since JFK spoke the words “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. “ Since the onset of the dismal “war on poverty” failure much of the American population has retained an entitlement mentality. It is shielded under the flag of “higher civilization “ i.e. America is an advanced civilization that has an obligation to not only protect its citizens but to feed, clothe and shelter them as well and to provide for their wellbeing in all manner.  They become a society of victims seeking heavy handed villains to blame for their slightest discomfort.  They deeply resent people that are not like them and denigrate success by condemning the successful and taking their money (it is their right to do so if they vote it so.)

Not everyone believes that the country has a revenue stream to maintain life support for an entire civilization and still adhere to the notion of self-reliability and self-accountability, and they live their lives and raise their families under that philosophy. Increasingly their voices are being overridden by the victims, and they are demonized and dismissed.  Many of those folks are classified as conservatives. While they have different key philosophical  beliefs, at the core commonality they believe in making life choices and hold themselves accountable for their individual situations.  

That to me is the fundamental axis of all of our political conflict. Our elected officials are increasingly more concerned with their own political survival than the survival of the country so they pander to their constituency to keep their jobs rather than to do what’s best for the country. No one wants to compromise what they feel entitled too so there is no bi partisanship at all. Life in Washington is a zero sum game. Job 1 is reelection.  Cal Thomas calls it Rampant Careerism. It seems to me that many of our elected officials are smart folks but become infected with the Washington flu when they arrive in the asylum.

Increasingly we are celebrating failure rather than success.  Indeed we have different interpretations of what success in America really is. Our President denies that successful business builders are responsible for their own success.  Perhaps there is a deep personal resentment there (I don’t know. Just a guess.)

These past few weeks in Washington just hammered our division home. In the end conflict did not end, it is just delayed, like a nightmare that reoccurs every time you go to sleep.

As for me I am glad to be retired and enjoying the fruits of my labors with my family and friends. While I am not as unhappy as this blogs material, I am almost embarrassed to be an American these days and glad I don’t have to defend our government to anyone. Not sure I could.




Early American Studies

After 35 years of working and parenting I elected to go back to school and have finished my first year of post graduate Early American History study. I have enjoyed it considerably. Having the freedom to search out those areas of specific interest to me, select my own curriculum and learn at my own pace is exactly what I wanted to do. Several observations leap to mind that describe my learning experience this time as opposed to when I was a young man in College. The most striking realization is exactly how little I was actually taught in the 60’s and 70’s. I considered myself fairly well informed and now I find how little I actually knew about early America. Secondly I am thrilled at the progress of historical analysis with subsequent historians, booth older established scholars and the younger emerging set. More than ever I now understand how subjective almost everything historical is and in that light maintain a cautious acceptance of “historical facts” even those written by the participants.

I particularly focused on several areas of interactive interest: what led up to the revolution, how did the colonists progress from day 1 to 1776? Also how did slavery exist in a country that fought a war against being “enslaved.” How and why did liberty and slavery co-exist? Additionally I was and am particularly interested in how the “founding fathers” became who they were. How did the process evolve that led a bunch of different colonies dependent on the might of their European fore bearers decide to forgo the safety of their protection and come to revolution risking the very freedom that they fought for.

After some 20 or so historical books, several quarterly journals and a daily historical blog populated by emerging historians I feel much better prepared to enter into discussion with folks about these topics, but I am still keenly aware of how much I don’t know of the new and emerging historical analysis of early American History.

I find understanding the development of America helps me to better understand current events and sift through the vitriolic rhetoric of today’s constant campaign politics. I would offer that the continuous campaign mode of elected leaders is the biggest single difference between leaders 200 years ago and today.

I am eager for my sophomore year:)