I know nothing……………

If it wasn’t  so sad it would almost be funny how many of those in Obamas camp want to paint those who are not as extremists; racists, red neck crackers, klanners, and knuckle dragging misanthropes.  I for one resent it. However when I finally got past the angry part of my life I have developed an aversion to negative emotions. Then too, it is obvious that the name callers don’t have anything of substance to defend their steadfast devotion to “the Sargent Schultz” in the White House. The man knows absolutely nothing about anything that goes wrong. He gets a pass from the media so the Sargent Schultz default works wonderfully for him just as it did for Schultzy. Just this week alone he knows nothing about listening to Andrea Merkles cell phone, nor the miserable failure of the UAHC web site. Add those to the growing list of similar “puzzlements” and the comparison becomes more obvious.  He knows nothing about Bengazi, the IRS, ATF, nor the Justice Department.

Gary Trudeau (Doonesbury) said it well the day after Obama was elected for the first term, “the golden age of political cartoons is over, you can’t make fun of a black president.” 

Beg to differ Gary…………..



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  1. Gary Trudeau and Doonesbury are still around? I am feeling very old….

    Would you expect the Prez, regardless of political party, to admit to knowing? Deniability is always the first defense.

    If he didn’t know, he should have known. Otherwise, the government is operating on its own without any direction from those who are theoretically in control. (Which I suspect anyway.)

    Just like that London trader for a US-based bank who lost megabucks on trades that the bank said they knew nothing about. Why didn’t they know?

    It is not party, nor is it people. It is the natural tendency of any bureaucracy to run amok. Exhibit A is the TSA.

  2. Here is where you and I may disagree. In order to lead the first thing one has to have is followers. Obama casts his net over some of the people only. Which, in many ways is normal. But in order to be effective as the commander in chief he must have credibility with much of the population not just the mice that follow his pipe. By never accepting responsibility for any failures, the aura around him is like a bad magician you can just see through every trick. He just isn’t credible on the broader stage that is necessary for the US commander in chief to perform on. He is neither respected by our allies nor feared by our enemies.

    My primary objection to him has always been the same, he was/is the least experienced person ever elected to the Presidency. His inability to lead is a prime contributor to the wretched situation in Washington.

  3. >he was/is the least experienced person ever elected to the
    > Presidency.

    I’m not familiar enough with all the Presidents to say.

    But, there’s a lot to be said about Lincoln not having much experience. He was not reelected to Congress, lost a Senate race and compared to his two Presidential opponents, especially Douglas, was the least experienced.

    But in the end, experience is not relevant. Winning the election is all that counts. Unless you want to agree with me that allowing the masses to vote is a ridiculous proposition which the framers of the Constitution did not have in mind since the vote was so restricted and both the President and Senators were not directly elected.

  4. Well you have caught me in error, Lincoln was also lacking in “qualifying” experience and he certainly had to deal with complex and critical matters of state. So score one point for you.

    I do not agree with you at all about what the founders as a group intended, because as a group they disagreed but came together in compromise. Jefferson for example fervently believed in democratic voting by the general population. Looking back at who was illegible to vote and extrapolating judgement about the founders intentions based on the societal norms of the day is not a valid yardstick. Society has evolved to redefine universal suffrage. It did not exist anywhere in the world in the 18th century

    Experience is absolutely relevant, in fact more so than ever. An effective Executive branch in today’s government must be able to convene and generate bi- partisan support. Lack of bi-partisanship is at the core of todays national miasma. An experienced politician would not have rammed through such divisive legislation.

  5. Naturally, I have a few disagreements here. By your definition of experience, Joe Biden should be President, yet I regularly see comments which characterize him as the court jester. So I have to agree that experience is not the critical need–it’s leadership. Whether President Obama has that ability is somewhat in doubt. I now see him as a rather insular, intellectual, isolated person. For instance, the Republicans eventually were beaten down on the issue of the government shutdown, and conceded to only one demand. Delay the onset of the individual and small business mandate as had already been done for big business. Which made perfect sense to me. But I think President Obama was relentless after all this time of being attacked, and drew a line in the sand. And now what he has to show for it is the failure of the healthcare.gov website. You cannot lead in anger.
    I often try to equate what a President has to do to my meager position as a manager. So I think in the instances you mention, he really didn’t know. Because you can’t know something if someone doesn’t tell you. And three of the reasons someone doesn’t tell you are 1) they’re scared to. 2) They don’t like you and hope you will fail. 3) You don’t know yourself and are incompetent.

  6. No matter what else he is or isn’t he can not achieve bi-partisan support on his signature legislation. He slammed it through with zero republican support. And he and his cohorts acted arrogant and dismissive. It is as divisive an issue as race, and it’s not going away.

    We have just begun to see the warts on Obamacare. Millions of Americans feel betrayed by the man.

    One can opine that he didn’t know about all the screwups of his administration except Obamacare………..it’s his. One can even opine that he really thought that you could keep your doctor and your health plan (although it strains credulity and would make him stupid which he is not.)

    But no one can now honestly say that he is not a liar after he walked it all back last week, when he said “unless your plan is now sub standard”: as a caveat to justify what the country is now seeing.as the big lie that got him re-elected.

    He can’t govern this country effectively..

  7. I don’t see how you can say the President “rammed it through”. He does not have that power. Congress passed it, which means there was some degree of Republican consent in the House.

  8. There were ZERO republican votes for it, the Dems controlled both houses and the Executive office.

    “On December 23, the Senate voted 60–39 to end debate on the bill: a cloture vote to end the filibuster by opponents. The bill then passed by a vote of 60–39 on December 24, 2009, with all Democrats and two independents voting for, and all Republicans voting against (except for Jim Bunning, who did not vote)”

    .”The House passed the Senate bill with a 219–212 vote on March 21, 2010, with 34 Democrats and all 178 Republicans voting against it.”

    Obama signed it into law March 23,

  9. I see absolutely no value in bipartisanship when the party of opposition is wrong. Call it ramming it through or whatever you want to call it, I’m okay with not making nice with people on the wrong side of the majority of Americans and those same people who spin it to imply they are in the majority. That is simply not true. Also, you are damning the President because of his failure of omniscience. By that measure, perhaps GWB should have known there really weren’t WMD’s in Iraq.

  10. “I see absolutely no value in bipartisanship when the party of opposition is wrong. ”

    And I say without bipartisanship we no longer have a representative government. It is a dangerous precedent, quite likely the most significant threat to our Republic since the Civil War.

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