Hold the Pickle Hold the Lettuce Hold the Taxes

The big business story of the month is BK announcing plans to buy Tim Horton s in Canada AND move their new headquarters there since they will now get more profit from the new Canadian company than  their American parent. At least that’s what they are saying but it just might be that they can reduce their total tax bill by “inversion” that “underhanded” tax avoidance that so many US Companies are resorting too. The White House is livid and Obama is blowing hard about executive action to prevent. Hah! That would be the ultimate ad campaign for the upcoming midterms wouldn’t it? The American King tops Burger King, pulls lettuce from their buns.

Thought it might prove interesting to visit with Tim Horton’s which most American never heard of. It is an institution there just like Hockey, which is totally appropriate since Tim Horton was a Canadian Hockey Player. And it might also be interesting to take a nostalgic trip back to the fantastic Iconic  marketing slogan that became part of Americana. Finally to see it’s global impact.  











The Golf Address

It goes without saying that the NYT is a liberal newspaper, and that its most acerbic Pulitzer Prize winning columnist is one of the most widely read of liberal scribes. So when she takes to ridiculing the Presidents actions and words he should take note.. Of course she helped elect him twice while pillorying, Bush, McCain and Romney so it’s a little late there Mo. Wink wink. 


Others are also amazed at the Presidents lack of strategy regarding terrorism in the Mideast 

 and his lack of  defense of our borders. After all both sides agree that job one is to keep the country safe.  

Sending the AG to Ferguson Missouri seems to grab more of his attention because it is a racial powder keg than defending

our country against terrorism. There MAY be an issue of inequality in Ferguson or not, we haven’t heard the full Police report

yet although strangely enough it was referred to a grand jury,  We have however seen the video of an American journalist

being beheaded by terrorists who threaten to behead more Americans and plant their flag on top of the White House.  Well

hell, as long as we don’t have to put boots on the ground Obama seems OK with war from a distance just not too close. After

all it might tarnish his “legacy” as a peace President and interfere with his golf game, it’s difficult to play golf from the

situation room. He just doesn’t seem to want to understand that it takes two to have peace. He doens.t seem to listen to

anyone except Valerie Jarrett who listens to Al Sharpton, so there you go. Al Sharpton is running the country.

I would ask one question if anyone would listen, what good is elevating civil right conflict ahead of national safety if all sides

are wiped out by terroists Perhaps the answer might be we can do both. To that I would respond, OK then go