The Golf Address

It goes without saying that the NYT is a liberal newspaper, and that its most acerbic Pulitzer Prize winning columnist is one of the most widely read of liberal scribes. So when she takes to ridiculing the Presidents actions and words he should take note.. Of course she helped elect him twice while pillorying, Bush, McCain and Romney so it’s a little late there Mo. Wink wink.

Others are also amazed at the Presidents lack of strategy regarding terrorism in the Mideast 

 and his lack of  defense of our borders. After all both sides agree that job one is to keep the country safe.  

Sending the AG to Ferguson Missouri seems to grab more of his attention because it is a racial powder keg than defending

our country against terrorism. There MAY be an issue of inequality in Ferguson or not, we haven’t heard the full Police report

yet although strangely enough it was referred to a grand jury,  We have however seen the video of an American journalist

being beheaded by terrorists who threaten to behead more Americans and plant their flag on top of the White House.  Well

hell, as long as we don’t have to put boots on the ground Obama seems OK with war from a distance just not too close. After

all it might tarnish his “legacy” as a peace President and interfere with his golf game, it’s difficult to play golf from the

situation room. He just doesn’t seem to want to understand that it takes two to have peace. He doens.t seem to listen to

anyone except Valerie Jarrett who listens to Al Sharpton, so there you go. Al Sharpton is running the country.

I would ask one question if anyone would listen, what good is elevating civil right conflict ahead of national safety if all sides

are wiped out by terroists Perhaps the answer might be we can do both. To that I would respond, OK then go




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  1. I totally agree about Maureen Dowd ( “wink wink”). She’s only writing this in order to appear somehow “fair and balanced”, which we all know, she ain’t. My favorites are Gail Collins and David Brooks (who said some time ago he’s been disowned by conservatives for being too liberal). Maureen has nothing to say that I want to hear. She’s not even funny, as she apparently thinks she is, she’s just snarky. She’s the bully on the playground. Thanks. I’m glad I got that out of my system.
    Whatever you may think about the President’s foreign policy (and clearly, you don’t think much of it) or his domestic policy (vis-à-vis Ferguson, for example), I think it’s a mistake to blame him for being on the golf course while an American journalist was beheaded. Do we forget how GWB was reading to schoolchildren when 9/11 occurred…and kept reading? Or the amount of time he spent at the Crawford ranch? I’m not Bush bashing. Quite the opposite. I didn’t blame Bush then, and I don’t blame Obama now.
    As for Ferguson, I think it was a huge mistake to send Eric Holder there. It elevated the situation beyond what it deserves.

  2. “Do we forget how GWB was reading to schoolchildren when 9/11 occurred…and kept reading?”

    Huh? You lost me there…….work vs vacation? And I do not blame anyone for being on vacation but hurrying back to a golf game is not leading by example, as it was not by flying to Vegas the day after Benghazi.

    As for his foreign policy the only time I have ever agreed with Hillary about anything is when she said (quoting the Presidents own public record words to the foreign press) when she said recently not doing stupid shit is NOT foreign policy.. and besides he had done (or left undone) more stupid shit than anyone can list in both terms.

    Calling for an Israeli freeze in resettlement
    Dissing Russia as a “20th century” has been
    Flip flopping on Egypt
    Air striking in Lybia but not in Syria
    Mismanaging the exit from Iraq
    Mismanaging Irans nuclear weapons initiative
    Negotiating with terrorist over prisoner exchange with Bergdahl
    Releasing terrorist from Guantanamo
    Authorizing NSA to spy on foreign powers
    Actually caving to Putin

    There are more but that will suffice for now. His FP poling numbers at CBS and pew are below 40% approval. While many Americans do not want to get involved in global conflicts they neither want to be led to global failure and ridicule.

    Best summary quote goes to Condi Rice, “you can’t lead from behind.” Much of what has happened is because this mans vision is for Utopia and it just isn’t reality based.

  3. > While many Americans do not want to get involved in global conflicts > they neither want to be led to global failure and ridicule.

    Maybe one day the US will wake up and consider that maybe the best foreign policy is to just keep our military appendage out of every international orifice that twerks us because it should be no surprise that hammering these skanks will end up with us getting something nasty.

    Can you imagine if we had not gone into Viet Nam? Why couldn’t the “best and brightest” see what college students could see: that Ho was a nationalist who took aid from the communists )after the West denied him aid) but was not a stooge of a monolithic communist conspiracy.

    But what did we learn from that? Apparently not a thing…

    Can you imagine ISIS having a field day in Iraq if Saddam was still there? He would have kicked their jihadist butts all the way to those 40 virgins in the sky.

    And after siding with the “overthrow Assad” folks, now the US wants to undermine what is probably Assad’s most dangerous foe. The US seems to suddenly have woken up to the idea that maybe Assad is the lesser of two evils. Doh!

    The idea that we can go into other countries and remake them in our image is an arrogance that is getting us our just desserts – a situation as bad or maybe worse than what existed before we meddled. Time for a diet of “just say no.” And polls show the public is finally increasingly getting tired of these military adventures that end up not delivering anything other than more headaches.

    The US has been a complete and utter failure in the Mideast. And the Arab Spring is in a deep freeze, which is no surprise to me. These nations are not ready for democracy as we know it. Just changing the top is useless.

  4. ‘Can you imagine ISIS having a field day in Iraq if Saddam was still there? ‘

    More to the point of my blog, can you imagine same if the US had still been there, as we are in Germany, Korea and Okinawa?

    Your point that we will never effect democratic change in the Mid-east may be a valid one, I suspect so. But the question of one society enslaving it’s own has become a global mantra now after several bloody centuries and I suspect it will not leave the table. Ironically it is most passionate among liberals.

    On the more positive side of the issue of global involvement a remarkably relevant event occurred last week in Williamsport, PA. An African American little league team played a South Korean team. Perhaps this would have never happened without the Civil War and the Korean War. Much blood and treasury was spent decades ago that, perhaps, enabled this tranquil solidly American past time to occur.

    American globalization has some peaceful and fulfilling benefits I think. Other populations are breaking laws to come here. Those they leave behind are aping our culture…..such as it is.

    Isolationism has always been an appealing temptation, George Washington warned the nation against foreign entanglements. But it is no longer possible. It’s an alluring fantasy. No such opportunity will ever exist again unless we do exactly what you suggest and just withdraw from the world and await our certain nuclear destruction.

  5. PT, I am not very knowledgeable about baseball. I understand the Korean war connection but how does the Civil War fit in?

  6. And BTW, the Americans brought basketball to the Philippines, where it is the national sport. For whatever reason, baseball did not take root there. Maybe because you can play basketball one on one but not baseball.

  7. SC Here is a basic summation of how baseball has helped ethnic acculturation, particularly in America. The supreme irony is that it is a pastoral game often adopted during and after the horrors of war. You don’t have to understand the game to observe the phenomena. The wild adoration of Japan for the sport is a classic example. Incidentally the black baseball team from Chicago I spoke of was the Jackie Robinson all stars.

  8. I saw that Chicago team on the national news; it has the girl pitcher who can throw very fast. Surprised the Korean could hit the ball…

    Interesting that the article link mentioned that blacks passed themselves off as Cuban to play in the “white” leagues… I had forgotten that Cuba was into baseball, and it was not occupied the way the Philippines was.

  9. SC I can see how you might think Mo’ne Davis was on the Chicago team but actually she was on the Philly team that played in the little league college world series.

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