Hold the Pickle Hold the Lettuce Hold the Taxes

The big business story of the month is BK announcing plans to buy Tim Horton s in Canada AND move their new headquarters there since they will now get more profit from the new Canadian company than  their American parent. At least that’s what they are saying but it just might be that they can reduce their total tax bill by “inversion” that “underhanded” tax avoidance that so many US Companies are resorting too. The White House is livid and Obama is blowing hard about executive action to prevent. Hah! That would be the ultimate ad campaign for the upcoming midterms wouldn’t it? The American King tops Burger King, pulls lettuce from their buns.

Thought it might prove interesting to visit with Tim Horton’s which most American never heard of. It is an institution there just like Hockey, which is totally appropriate since Tim Horton was a Canadian Hockey Player. And it might also be interesting to take a nostalgic trip back to the fantastic Iconic  marketing slogan that became part of Americana. Finally to see it’s global impact.  











2 Responses

  1. I hope we agree that the “solution” is to lower those taxes to a rate more in line with all other developed countries, which will make “inversion” moot. And make sure there are no loopholes to get out of paying the lower tax as there are now with GE for example.

    And I thought that homecoming was when teams play against a sacrificial lamb. I ddin’t watch the game, so the score may not be telling, but seems to me the Citadel was rolled over. Or, FSU “woke up” after the Oklahoma game.

    I’m not a football fan, but I was surprised that a CBS sports commentator said that thought Florida, along with FSU of course, will be one of the final four in the new playoff system, which I am clueless about other than there will be four teams or how that compares to whatever system was previously used.

  2. Yes I agree taxes should be lower for corporations and loopholes should be eliminated and government streamlined. But if loopholes were eliminated think how many lawyers would be unemployed, thus unable to contribute to the political campaigns of those that subsequently keep the tax code the way it is. It galls me to listen to the entitlement minded pols speak as if all revenue they can steal is justified. Also favor a flat tax for everyone and a major RIF for the IRS.

    Anyone that predicts UF will make the playoff is not playing with a full deck, they only won 4 games last year,It’s way to early to predict their finish. I’m not even positive that FSU will make it and they have won 18 in a row. We will know a lot more about FSU after Clemson in 2 weeks.

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